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VMware Fusion: Top App for Running Windows on a Mac on a Tight Budget


InformationWeek recently published their list of “Top 19 Mac Apps For Tight Budgets” and VMware Fusion was chosen app to run Windows on the Mac.

Mitch Wagner summarizes why Mac users on a tight budget need VMware Fusion.

The most common use is to run Windows and get access to proprietary Windows apps that are not available for the Mac … As if that’s not cool enough, Fusion will let you do a few more things: You can share data between the "guest operating system" and the Mac. You can set some Windows apps to be the default app for specific kinds of documents. And you can run Windows apps in their own, separate windows on the Mac, so they look more like native Mac apps.

In addition to VMware Fusion, there are a lot of other great apps on the InformationWeek Top 19 Mac Apps list that I personally use daily including TextWrangler, Adium, Evernote, Things, and Tweetie. So, I highly recommend you check out the InformationWeek Top 19 Mac Apps list to find some great apps you may not be using today but should check out.

If you aren’t already using VMware Fusion, download a 30-day trial and see why VMware Fusion is the top app for running Windows on a tight budget.

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3 thoughts on “VMware Fusion: Top App for Running Windows on a Mac on a Tight Budget

  1. Yacov Morag

    The fusion2 for mac work properly for window but not for Microsoft office why?

  2. Dirk Pitt

    If you’re really on a tight budget, Virtual Box is an interesting idea :)… http://www.sun.com/virtualbox

  3. Stephen Gardner

    Yacov Morag, most Fusion users have no problem using Microsoft Office within their Fusion 2 virtual machine. I include myself in that statement.
    If you are having trouble, I’d invite you to file a Service Request (http://www.vmware.com/support/contacts/file-sr.html) or visit our Fusion Community (click the link in my name) where many users gather to request and to provide support.


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