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VMware Fusion 4 Named “Editors Choice”.

VMware Fusion 4 Named “Editors Choice” by PC Magazine. 


The reviews are starting to slowly trickle in and we are extremely excited to share that we have been named Editors Choice by PC magazine. Giving us a rating of 4.5 out of 5, VMware Fusion 4 was put though a whole host of tests. Here are some excerpts from the review.

 In describing the installation experience. 


“Nothing could be easier than installing Fusion….Fusion’s New Virtual Machine Assistant walks you smoothly through the process of installing a new OS.”

Another notable piece was regarding business and more advanced customers.


“If you’re in a corporate setting or you expect to network your emulated Windows system with other machines, then Fusion is probably the better choice. It’s also the better choice if you’re using legacy apps under Windows XP in an emulated system, because, in my tests, Fusion handled those apps more reliably.” 

PC Magazine concluded by saying,

“Fusion strikes us as preferable to Parallels for expert and experienced users…Fusion gets our Editor’s Choice award.”


Check out the entire PC Magazince review at the link below


One thought on “VMware Fusion 4 Named “Editors Choice”.

  1. Christian

    VMware fusion 4 is the worst version upgrade of any software i ever saw. The only thing that do better than 3 is, boot win 8 beta.
    Slower, Sluggish, Bad perfomer, random crash on computer, after turn off 1st VM be able to boot another is just luck.
    Don’t forget about stupids animations that makes works slow and distracting.
    Please, rollback to 3.x line with win 8 support.
    (about run lion, only need to boot install image as snow leo server, mount that vmdk into one running snow leo VM, and fix with ” # touch “/Volumes/OS X Lion HD/System/Library/CoreServices/ServerVersion.plist” “)
    Real crap, thanks that i only use the trial


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