VMware Fusion and OS X Mountain Lion FAQ (Updated)

VMware Fusion 4.1.3 works with OS X Mountain Lion made generally available today. We’ve been fielding a number of questions from current users about using VMware Fusion with Mountain Lion and have compiled the answers to common questions below. You’re also welcome to leave additional questions in the comments below.


Does VMware Fusion 4 work with Mountain Lion?

Yes, the latest version of VMware Fusion 4, version 4.1.3 works with Mountain Lion and is signed with our Developer ID. This makes VMware Fusion 4.1.3 compatible with Gatekeeper, a feature enabled by default in Mountain Lion.


What should I do before upgrading to Mountain Lion?

Ensure your copy of VMware Fusion 4 is up-to-date using VMware Fusion > Check for Updates. VMware Fusion 4.1.3 is the latest available version at the time of writing.


I upgraded to Mountain Lion and now VMware Fusion 4 won’t start. What happened?

Mountain Lion appears to detect some older versions of VMware Fusion 4 and prevent them from launching. To resolve this issue, login to http://my.vmware.com/ (free product registration required) and download VMware Fusion 4.1.3. It can be found under “Products & Downloads > All Downloads > VMware Fusion”


Does VMware Fusion 3 work with Mountain Lion?

No. VMware Fusion 3 was released in October 2009 and was optimized for Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard.  VMware Fusion 3 is no longer being updated for newer versions of Mac OS. Customers wishing to run VMware Fusion on Mountain Lion should use VMware Fusion 4. A free 30-day trial is available for current VMware Fusion 3 users. The trial can be found here: http://www.vmware.com/go/tryfusion


You'll be pleased to know that if you purchase VMware Fusion 4 from July 25th through September 30th 2012, you are eligible for a complimentary upgrade to the next version of VMware Fusion. For more info click here.


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  1. You are not going to support Fusion 3 on Mountain Lion?
    Even though it worked on Lion?
    Nice way to lose customers. I will never buy a VMware product again.

    1. The right thing to do is integrate Mountain Lion support from Fusion 4 into Fusion 3 and provide it as an update. Otherwise you are forcing customers to unnecessarily update and dump money into greedy corporate coffers when the software is working fine. Fusion 4 may have more features but the OS support can easily be migrated into Fusion 3 and provided as an update.

      1. are you guys morons? VMWare Fusion 5 on amazon is $45, you get WAY more than your fair mileage out of it and it’s been rock solid since V2. things change, the underlying OS changes, etc. why don’t you just go back to OS9?

        good luck with virtual box.

      1. why do you assume this is a vmware rep? backporting new code into old is massively time consuming and very expensive. if you want that level of support, base versions of vmware fusion would be hundreds of dollars… not $50. you get all of the same functionality as their enterprise solutions at a fraction of the cost.

        so many trolls.

  2. How about a discount to upgrade from Fusion 3 to Fusion 4? 50% off would be reasonable, especially since upgrading to Mountain Lion today choked our user experience

  3. For those of us with 3.x who have already upgraded to Mountain Lion, isn’t there some way to at least upgrade to 4.x without losing Windows and programs already set up in 3.x?

      1. ABSOLUTE CRAP way of going about things!!
        You have effectively said FUCK YOU to your existing v.3 user base by taking this approach!!
        So I say…. FUCK YOU!!!

  4. A reasonable upgrade price to VMWare 4.0 would be nice for new Mountain Lion users. I’m bummed. But maybe now is the time to try Parallels?

    1. Definitely lost us, we supply hundreds of guys out to mines around Australia and our money will now be going to your competitors. thanks for the link adam

  5. Really!! You really expect VMWare to continue to support software from 2009???!!!! And to threatin to go to parallels is a joke! You honestly think its right to criticize a dev company that puts out a solid product and evolves with the platform (OS X)! Tech is moving faster then ever and the life expectancy of gadgets, software and the likes has been dramatically reduced as a price! No one made you upgrade to 10.8, if you want to run legacy apps then stay on legacy OS

    1. Ridiculous! OS and apps are two totally different choices. One should not be forced to make an upgrade on apps just because he upgraded the OS. Who in the hell does that?
      My corporate ERP system written in PowerBuilder 6 was written on Windows 95 platform. Works like charm on Windows 8 too… Upgrade is choice, not MUST.

  6. I only expect VMware to keep their software up to date if they wish to keep me as a paying customer. They’ve done a fantastic job making sure I won’t use their software in the near future at the very least and likely ever again.

    1. I think the operative word here is “paying.” You’ve already bought 3.x (presumably 2-3 years ago.) Unless you upgrade I don’t really think you can count yourself as a paying customer…

  7. Although an argument against switching to Parallels is the fact they make you buy a license for every computer you own. VMWare Fusion lets you install on multiple computers that you own (for non-commercial use etc). Well. The value of switching to Parallels is much less after learning that!

  8. Parallel has the same problem, parallel 6 is not supported in mountain lion. but still don’t feel good as this is the only one of my apps that doesn’t work on MTL. I just decided not to use VMs anymore as don’t really need windows that frequently.

  9. I’m disappointed to learn that VMWare expect me to spend 3 times the cost of mountain lion to upgrade fusion 3, a product I bought only 18 months ago. I used it irregularly to run some work related windows applications. Without some form of discount or incentive to move to Fusion 4 I will find another solution to run windows. Bad form and a rip off.

  10. I agree with many of you still running Fusion 3.x. It is really well made and functional software. But a discount on the upgrade to 4.x would have been much appreciated. Now I cant run my VM on Mountain Lion. Was there a Wine sorta environment where Windows applications could be installed and run? Will check that.

  11. Well, I know for sure that they lost me as a customer. Just loaded new version of the parallels…
    Good luck VMware with your business model…

  12. Wow, not supporting version 3 for mountain lion, but supports lion. You need to have some kind of discount for people that have version 3. The sad part is, they will be releasing version 5 soon that will be “optimized” for Mountain Lion and Windows 8.

  13. I’ll try Virtualbox instead. It’s free and I have only one Windows program left that I need about once a month. I’m not willing to pay the full price for VMWare again every time Apple releases a new OS.

  14. Hi
    About the reason not to allow fusion versions prior to 4.1.3 in Mountain Lion, i’m pretty sure that Apple put presion over vmware: as a mistake in version 4.1.0 it was posible to install OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard in a virtualization, an now they try to get rid of that. I hope there is good hacker in the net to make it work.

  15. This is very disappointing. Especially because this is the only program that needed an update in the new OS version, it seems that that update should be free. It seems more like a bug fix than an upgrade worth paying for. Also frustrating is that I purchased Fusion 3 just two weeks before 4 came out. I should think product like this should be viable for more than a year.

  16. Funny how people are trashing VMWare talking about jumping ship because of this business model when Parallels has the same issue right now. Parallels 6 is not supported forcing their users to upgrade to Parallels 7, and their upgrade prices are the same as a new purchase of VMWare.

  17. I’m disappointed the os upgrade forces me to choose between dumping vmware or punitive additional licence fee.

  18. I would like to agree with all the others on here that I feel totally ripped off having upgraded Lion to Mountain Lion and now being made to unexpectedly fork out for an upgrade I had no need for, just to restore the functionality I already had and paid for. I will have been forced to spend many times the license fees for the OSX upgrade just to get fusion working again. This is really not acceptable given that I bought it only a couple of years ago. If I dont get offered an upgrade discount at least, then I’ll switch to another product on principle.

  19. I’m trying to figure out what I’m missing… Why are people still running Fusion 3.x? I upgraded to 4.x a long time ago, and in fact I was running 4.1.3 long before Mountain Lion came out. I can’t figure out why anyone would still want to be running 3.x.

  20. My post from yesterday seems to be deleted.
    I’m disappointed that 1) Fusion 3 doesn’t run on Mountain Lion, 2) there was no heads up about this known problem, and 3) there’s no upgrade pricing.

  21. Yep, Fusion 3 worked fine and some don’t need the new features of 4 or weren’t convinced it was an important upgrade. I just need access to MS Word for Windows on occasion. What’s so horrible about expecting Fusion to work? Come on, make a patch so it can work with ASLR and sandboxing already (I’m making a huge assumption those are the technical hurdles). I wouldn’t mind being charged $2.99 for a patch. That’d build some good -will. But I still might go for a discounted upgrade so long as it doesn’t destroy the owned multi-computer license.

  22. Maintaing old software codebases costs time and money; sometimes lots of both. I’d be willing to bet VMware weighed the cost of updating the 3.x codebase to be Mountain Lion compatible against some estimate for the loss of customers who don’t stay current with the available paid updates. They’re aware, but you’re an acceptable loss in the grand scheme.
    This software does an amazing job for the ridiculously low price they charge. To those in here upset about 3.x and Mountain Lion — there’s a clearly defined upgrade path. And no, it’s not free.. but neither are the thousands of highly skilled man hours that go into a product like this one.

  23. While I can appreciate the frustration and pain folk are experiencing, there is a common thread here of attempting to penalize software vendors for our own failure to perform due diligence. To “assume” that an Operating System upgrade can occur with zero impact to all existing applications is shortsighted. I would like to think this may be a wake up call to ensure you review each of the “critical’ applications you run for compatibility before pulling the trigger on an OS upgrade. In the commercial space you could lose your job for failing to perform this analysis whether for your own company or for a customer.
    While it would be a generous gesture for VMware to offer a discount due to these circumstances, it is inappropriate to demand it as a result of our own failures.

  24. The real issue is that they charged too much for the update from VMware Fusion 3 to 4 during the depths of the Great Recession and although that issue sort of died down, it’s rearing its ugly head again because Fusion 3 finally borked.
    Your computer can be jacked by hackers if you run old versions of VMware or OS X or Windows or MS-Office or Java or anything made by Adobe –so you really don’t have *any* choice but to upgrade to the latest versions at any cost, or to never connect to the Internet (not even for 1 minute, not even through a firewall).
    If that’s becoming too much for you, consider switching to an iPad 4G, perhaps with an external keyboard and HD monitor, which has free software updates and $10 word processors, spreadsheets and presentation apps –or alternatively, join the third world and trade your private life and productive time dealing with the mess that is Linux.

  25. I’m a Parallels user who was just looking to possibly jump ship to VMWare. Looks like you all are having the exact same issue we’ve got–abruptly dropped support. Guess it’s time to take VirtualBox for a spin…

    1. Alan – did you try installing Virtualbox? I am having issues connect the guest (Win XP) to the internet. Please help

  26. I’m a Parallels user who was just looking to possibly jump ship to VMWare. Looks like you all are having the exact same issue we’ve got–abruptly dropped support. Guess it’s time to take VirtualBox for a spin…

  27. We are pleased to announce users that purchase VMware Fusion 4 from July 25th through September 30th 2012, are eligible for a complimentary upgrade to the next version of VMware Fusion.

  28. OK, if there is a complimentary upgrade to the next version, I’ll probably upgrade. I just don’t want a new version coming out that is “optimized for Windows 8 and Mountain Lion” in a couple months and VMware 4 being out of date and getting stuck in the same deal again

  29. Yeah so just got OS Mountain Lion, and found it’s going to cost me another £40 if I want fusion on it.. So I’ve got a new O/S with barely any improvements, and the added kick in the teeth from VMware. Cheers guys, surely a discount for existing customers is what you should be doing here.

  30. Even upgrading to VMWare 4.1.3 before installing Mountain Lion, it still detects ‘Incompatible Software’. It moved ‘Parallels Service’ to this ‘Incompatible Software’ folder. I don’t know what it does, but at first sight, VMWare is working fine. So, I ask, what does ‘Parallels Service’ do?

  31. Gentleman, one user asked previously. And I think it is important. If one upgraded to OSX ML and was a VM3 user. How does one purchase VM4 and maintain the previous conditions of their windows partition? i.e do you have to completely start fresh? Or will it pick up like an update where we left off.
    Thanks for a knowledgable response.
    “The average Mac user”

  32. OK, I’m onboard with a complimentary upgrade. I had some suspicions Fusion 5 was around the corner with the beta releases available on VMWare’s site. So this is great news.
    Thanks for the awesome incentive!

  33. I run mac and windows together with Fusion 4, I can’t use Ctrl select function in windows. Maybe there is no Ctrl keyboard in Mac. Where is this function? Is there any new key inside of Ctrl?

  34. Oh vey! The same caveats that apply to ALL OS upgrades still apply. Don’t upgrade a production system without backing up, qualifying software, and testing.
    This is 101 stuff. If you can cope with installing and running Fusion, you should be able to deal with backing up your existing system, checking important apps work, and rolling back if needed.
    You can keep running 10.6 and Fusion 3 if you like. You only need upgrade if you need functionalities in the new products.

  35. Just don’t your OS on day one without checking compatibility then you bunch of tightwads. I’m sure VMware won’t miss your custom…

  36. Fusion 4.1.3 causes a regular black-screen-of-death right after login, on Mountain Lion 10.8 on the Macbook Pro Retina (at least).
    It’s really nasty and needs a hard power off, restart, luck or starting in safe mode.
    My current workaround:
    In VMware Fusion > Virtual Machines > Settings > Applications Menu
    Show Applications Menu in Menu Bar to “Never” (was Always)
    this is better than having to delete the VMWare Fusion Helper in the Mac “User Accounts > Login Items” area
    Or, not as nice: change in the Mac “Energy Saver”, Automated Graphics Switching to Off, and suffer the battery life loss of staying on discrete graphics.
    Something in the VMWare Fusion Helper is possibly tripping up the discrete/integrated graphics switch at login, and killing the whole thing to a black screen.
    Please fix and resolve this and with Apple their handling of discrete/integrated graphics switching at login.

  37. reading all the above comments and issues, this puppy isn’t gonna upgrade to mountain lion for the next couple of months. I use a windows XP VM for some business apps (P2V’ed my old laptop), and I don’t want to end up in the situation where my VM no longer functions properly.

  38. The sense of entitlement here.. Wow.. I’m almost ashamed to be a Mac user now.. At least it’s not $180, which is the cost of VMware Workstation (last time I checked, at any rate). Basically the same product.

  39. There is a problem with Fusion 4.1.3 and Mountain Lion. Once a Vmware session is started any open MAC applications start to flicker uncontrollably. I have spoken to Apple and they say speak to Vmware. Has anyone else started to experience this issue?

  40. Any news of virtualizing Mountain Lion? The license like Lion allows this. 4.1.3 only has option for 10.7 and earlier.
    Is a point update addressing this?
    Or will we need Fusion 5?

  41. Since my last post re the flickering applications on Apple side when running Fusion 4.1.3 I have since noticed that if I run my Win7 Fusion machine in Single Window instead of Full Screen the flickering on the Apple side stops and seems ok.
    Disabling the VMware 3D Acceleration did not resolve the issue.

  42. Maybe that’s why you don’t upgrade your OS until you have checked on software compatibility. Don’t blame VMware.

  43. It is still not working
    I use VMWare fusion 4.1.3 and I get the message
    Cannot open the disk ‘/Users/imac/Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/Virtual Machines/Boot Camp/Boot Camp.vmwarevm/Boot Camp.vmdk’ or one of the snapshot disks it depends on.
    Resource Busy.
    I reinstalled VMware and I am still getting the same message

  44. You can get Fusion 4 from Amazon for 45 dollars. That is a 22.50 upgrade price to Fusion 4 and 22.50 upgrade price to Fusion 5 (when released). Much better upgrade price than Parallels.

  45. It is possible to migrate to VirtualBox. There’s not a lot of clear documentation on this, but the basic idea is as follows:
    1. Install VirtualBox
    2. Make sure you’ve shut down your virtual instance and closed vmWare.
    3. Open your vmWare file package
    4. Copy the .vmdk file from there (this won’t work if your virtual install is split across multiple files) to an external location
    4. Use qemu-img to convert the .vmdk to a .bin
    5. Use VBoxManage to convert from .bin to .vid
    6. Create a virtual system in VirtualBox, importing the .vid as an existing disk
    You may run into an issue where agp440.sys is not supported; if so, try deleting that file in your original installation before proceeding with the above steps.
    You may face a boot issue still when first booting in VirtualBox; boot in safe mode and/or seek out help on the Internet for specific problem messages.
    You may have to reactivate XP or whatever Windows you have; in the case of XP, I can say that reactivation worked using the telephone method, since network adapters did not fire up right away.
    After you can boot into Windows, you may need to download Intel network card drivers and burn them to a .iso image, then mount that in your new VB instance, and install those. Make sure your network card is set to “NAT” and then reboot.
    This is how I got things to work, and how, despite that being a somewhat labor intensive solution, I repaid the favor to vmWare for shutting me down for what seems to be purely greedy reasons.

    1. Martin – I was able to install VirtualBox but my guest (Win XP) is not connecting to the internet…please help

      1. Did you download Intel network card drivers and install those, as I mentioned in my description? For me that was necessary. You can get the basic network card drivers from Intel as a free download. If you’re not sure what drivers you might need, try searching for “VirtualBox Intel network card drivers” or check VirtualBox’s docs on that subject.

        Sorry I couldn’t reply to you sooner — only by luck I happened to stop by just now and noticed your reply. Best wishes! If anyone else wants to add to my description above please do so for everyone’s benefit.

        VirtualBox has been working fine for me ever since I got it set up. I have no complaints. A couple things are installed a little differently (e.g. in the user home folder under a hidden directory) but overall it is great.

  46. Black screen after osx login is a problem I have too without having installed VMWare Fusion.
    It happens sometimes, always with the same user (I created another Admin which does not have the issue).
    I have seen on the web several chaps having the same problem, some of them say its because of the Bootcamp installation of another OS some of them say something else.
    I experienced the problem first after the (also very common) problems with Fuse. Uninstalling Fuse did not solve the problem. Playing a lot with the FS in OSX did not solve it neither.
    I would hesitate to say that it is a problem with Bootcamp, VMWare, Fuse or others… It seems to have something to do with the recreating of the working environment of a particular user after “something” has been installed.

  47. I understand it costs VMWare money to keep up with OS updates so understand why no free ride.
    For me – this just pushes me in the direction of seeing if I can finally cut the cord and not run anything that requires Windows. I’m 90% confident that I will be able to. We’ll see. VMWare – great product and thanks for producing it.

  48. I waited to make sure ver4.13 would work with Mountain Lion before upgrading.
    I run both Parallels and VM Fusion on my MacBook Pro.
    I am currently moving all my win-vm’s to Fusion from Parallels.
    Parallels uses RAM even when not running.
    Don’t complain if you if you are not smart enough to check before you jump off the cliff. Also how did that switch from PowerPC to Intel work for you. Did cry that Apple left you behind?

    Several people have asked about it but I haven’t seen a response. Can someone please advise?

  50. Is there a way to install the downloadable current version of Fusion (4.1.3) and have it use my existing settings. On opening it wants to start from scratch, requiring a new Windows installation, and there appears to be no alternative. I couldn’t upgrade from within Fusion because my upgrade to OSX 10.8 rendered it inoperable.

  51. I have the same problem with the new OSX (Mountain Lion) and the Apple side flickering uncontrollably when running a VM. I have dual monitors and usually run the VM on the left side. If you do anything on the MAC side the display goes haywire. If you swipe and change desktops the flickering stops but only until you click on anything in the Apple side again. The Apple side is plain and simple unusable when running a VM.

  52. Hello
    Since upgrading to Mountain Lion I have the following issue with VMware Fusion 4.1.3
    If I boot a Linux VM in integrated graphics and switch to discrete graphics the display is black. This is also true if I boot the VM with discrete graphics selected and switch to integrated. If I switch back to the original graphics, discrete or integrated, I get the display in my VM back.
    I have not checked this with images other then Linux.

  53. Guys,
    Only VMware 4.1.3 works on Mountain Lion and not below versions period.I had version 3.1.3 and downloaded mountain lion, without viewing its compatibility with vmware 3.1.3. I suffer as all do. Mistakes happen, what can I say.
    Finally, I downloaded their trail version 4.1.3 to check if it really works, to my surprise VMWare is up, but there are couple of issues.
    1. Display sometimes acts weird, when Windows boots at logon screen, it shows black screen, I cannot enter password, all I have to do is re-boot again by shutting down.
    2. When screen saver gets activated, while not using, systems hangs when I try to re-use the system. I have to shutdown MAC completely to get back, no other option works, simply hangs.
    3. Looks like VMWare 4.1.3, takes a lot of time to boot itself, so if i try to open any browser or outlook or word or excel, system hangs for few mins. This also leads to hang, Safari browser or any application on Mac. It is very irritating, but it looks like I have wait for a period of 5 mins for VMWare to settle down then open applications on VM as well on MAC.
    4. Graphical issues are very much there for VMWare, looks like VMWare is using us, to test their new release :). Pay them US$50.00 and test their product. Amazing way of doing business.
    I trust the information helps, I still playing with VM 4.1.3 will advise if any interesting thing i come across.
    PS: I could get back my last VM 3.1.3 data when i used trail version 4.1.3, at least I got my files back, which was more important.

  54. I use Fusion 3.x on my Macbook to run various Windows based VMs, and have just upgraded the OS to Mountain Lion. As a result, my version of Fusion no longer works. Obviously I should have checked this before I upgraded the OS (I will do so in future!). Now however I’m in a situation that I urgently need to get out of, and it looks as though I have no option but to buy the newer 4.x version of Fusion. However, I cannot see how to upgrade Fusion now that it no longer runs. Can anyone help?

  55. Can I install Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) as a guest OS on Fusion 4.x? Or upgrade an existing Mac OS X guest to Mountain Lion?

  56. I purchased VMware Fusion 4 in June 2012 with regards to installing it for a specific windows software need in August. I have upgraded to Mountain Lion in the meantime, have loaded up VMware Fusion 4 to be told I can’t use this version. VMware website doesn’t recognise my product key so now I am completely stuck with a worthless piece of software and no way to upgrade it. Any ideas?

  57. I have similar feelings to everyone else here. I paid Apple 20 bucks for an OS upgrade that seemingly did nothing but break my Fusion v3 installation. So on top of feeling like I wasted 20 bucks, then I had to pay 50 more for the Fusion upgrade. Now I’m down 70 bucks and I see absolutely nothing different from where I was before running Lion and v3 Fusion. I am glad version 5 of Fusion will be a free upgrade, but I am quite certain it will be my last Fusion “upgrade”. There’s not that many things that require me to use Windows. And based on what I’ve seen in Windows 8, I don’t think I’ll be “upgrading” to that product ever. This was a mistake on VMWare’s part; there should have been upgrade path for current customers. I shouldn’t have to pay more to upgrade 1 application than the entire OS upgrade costs.

  58. I lost my settings in VMware Fusion 3 after I install VMware F4.1.3. I am using win 7 installed in VMware 3, when i install VMF 4.1.3 I cannot open word file or even excel file attachment directly through Windows 7 Microsoft Office 2010. Somebody help me!!!

  59. I upgraded to mountain lion on a Mac Pro (12 cores) which was running fusion v.4.1. (running on lion without problem). However, fusion was useable, didn’t respond to click or mouse movement. I suspect because this is display-less machine, there is an issue with graphic display. Hope VMWare look into this problem.

  60. I’m wishing I hadn’t upgraded to MountainLion now that I can’t use vmWare Fusion 3 anymore. Typically software companies allow a client to upgrade at a discount rather than have to go out and buy a whole new license… I spend way too much money on software … in which case I’m free to go try another product … Thanks for the info on Parallels’ link to their discount for switching from Fusion:

  61. We have just updated our Plateform to M-lion and we have the latest version VM fusion everything is working better than leopard, very happy,

  62. I’m disappointed that VMware Fusion 3 will not be supported in OS X Mountain Lion. However, anyone saying that VMware is losing you as a customer is flat out lying. You want Fusion 3 updated for Mountain Lion so that YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR FUSION 4. Since you refuse to pay any money, you are not a customer. You bought 3 a long time ago. Your claims to being a “customer” have expired.

    Those who want a discount should have taken advantage of the discount available when 4.0 came out. It’s been out a while. Short-term discounts are frequently offered when new versions come out, not over a year later.

    I just bought Parallels since it is faster. Don’t need my VMware Fusion 3 anymore.

  63. I have updated my MAC OS to mountain lion and now the VM icon has a no entry sign. What is the best thing to do? Im running VMWare Fusion 3.

  64. i just bought vmware fusion 5 few days back .i was wondering that if i had to buy the software again in case i reninstalled or upgraded my OS?

  65. I feel like adding one more comment to all this. As a long time satisfied user of vmWare, I really do sympathize with the fact that they have to make a business decision as to whether to support 3.x versions on Mountain Lion.

    I personally feel like they are losing a lot of customers by not supporting this. Or at least they have put such a bad taste in peoples’ mouths that they no longer stand out as any better than anyone else.

    Honestly, I have been so pleased with VirtualBox, I will never go back to vmWare. I now feel about VirtualBox as I once felt about vmWare compared to its rival, Parallels.

    I think the vmWare product maybe has had its day and is no longer as critical to many people as it used to be. A lot of us bought it to run some legacy apps from Windows a few years back. But honestly who needs to do that very much anymore? It’s a dying audience.

    I even feel a little guilt for being so hard o these guys. I know it’s hard to maintain software releases like this. But it’s really all about appropriate communication and preventing your customers from having a terrible experience, which many of us who upgraded to Mountain Lion did — no warning really, just a dead product. I can’t have much sympathy for a major company that fails to see that one coming.

    Well, folks. I’m out of here. vmWare Fusion, thank you for what was a great product. I guess due to the abrupt end of 3.x under Mountain Lion, I will never buy another product from you again. But sincere thanks for producing what truly was an excellent product (and may still be for 4.x users, though I will never know).

  66. I just upgraded to VMWare 5, Mountain Lion (10.8.2) on an iMac. I successfully installed Windows 7 Home Premium. Everything looks great EXCEPT the mouse click does not register within the working space of Windows. The mouse works everywhere else, including the start menu at the top of the pane, but I cannot make it work in the active Windows environment. Any help out there????

  67. I had fusion 3 and upgraded to mountain Lion so mine also doesn’t work. I currently just want to uninstall my current fusion 3 safely. can i just delete it from the applications menus?

  68. Can someone tel me please, how to take VM Fusion off my machine. I won’t be blackmailed into buying a new product by these people.

  69. Hi.
    Recently I update my OS to Mountain Lion. I was using VMWare Fusion 3 and I was thinking about updating my VMWare to the 5.
    Can I do it without loosing any data ??

  70. I think its interesting that my mac was able to update to Mountain Lion but my Software wasn’t. VMware worked on my mac and now it does not.

    The reason why I refrained from upgrading, was because my mac is now ‘old’ per say, and I can’t take advantage or benefit from the added features. had I a newer mac i’d go ape crazy for a newer version of fusion.

    I hope they re-think their decision, I mean they believe in their product, I think its great, but mainly have us upgrade because we know that the latest version is worth it.

  71. I downloaded and installed parallels as well. Vmare 4 and 5 both didnt pick up the internet connection and vpn on my machine after several attempts when i originally bought vmware 4 in March this year. I subsequently downgraded to vmware 3 so it would work, but now that is not an option either. Customer support was useless, they dont understand their own product. Not coming back. P.S – I wouldve paid to upgrade to vmware 5 if the trial version had worked.. but that didnt either..

  72. Congratulations, VMWare, for such a nice policy for the customers!
    I buy a product, and this product is not supported, so I have to buy the new version. Not to mention all the data lost.

  73. VMWare was touted as the flagship virtualization product for OS X. I did not expect that the copy of Fusion would be disabled as a result of upgrading my Mac OS. All other applications are running just fine, it is only VMWare Fusion that is blocked from executing.

    And to those who say VMWare “weighed the cost of maintaining old code versus applying resources into Fusion 4”, does that mean VMWare does not update for exploits, thus exposing a myriad of users to potential harm? Even Microsoft provides free updates for Windows XP! Due to my background and location (Software Engineer/Silicon Valley), I am well aware that VMWare does have the technical resources to upgrade the older versions to work with Mountain Lion. Why they choose not to is beyond me.

    I was less-than-impressed with VMWare’s enterprise options, and now I’m glad to see they have finally found unity by screwing over the at-home users too. Kudos, VMWare! You made Oracle (what with their free VirtualBox offering) and Microsoft (similarly with VirtualPC, plus continued product legacy support) look like heroes, a feat that was once deemed nigh impossible!

  74. Yeah right, if I could get VMWARE Workstation for the PC for $50 I would gladly buy the upgrade but, instead I have to pay $250 for what is essentially the same product.

    Screw VMWARE!

  75. I have sent VMWare six emails regarding my problem of having downloaded Mountain Lion before upgrading my Fusion 2.0.8. I was then told by their technical support team to download trial of Fusion 6.0 which they said would automatically upgrade my Fusion 2.0.8. Did not work. Fusion remains frozen. My partitioned drive remains locked. Now I’m getting generic emails from their customer support team (I think they are in Bangalore, having googled their names) that claim they have called me but I don’t answer (that is patently not true–they are not calling me; this bogus story has happened thrice). Anyone out there have ideas? Should I try to use Time Machine to go back to a data before I did the Mountain Lion install? Any ideas if I did that could I then download Fusion 6.0 and hope that cracks this? Right now I’m losing help VMWare’s team will send the cavalry and help this stranded customer. Thanks.

  76. I bought fusion less than 18 months ago when I bought my mac, and now VMWare wants me to pay you more to run the “free” yosemite” version from Apple. This is a rip-off.

    I do understand VMware are in the business to make profits. But there is a point at which it feels like a rip-off. I would not mind if I have to upgrade every 3 years (about the time I upgrade my computer). Or have a reasonable upgrade price.

    If you are another customer who is unhappy with this rip-off, please do not just give-up. I encourage you to write about this rip-off on this site and on amazon as well. Let people hear about this loot.

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