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Addressing the Overwhelming Demand for VMware Fusion 3 – Free 30 Day Trial Available

IMPORTANT NOTE: These issues mentioned in this blog post have already been resolved and they were addressed on Wednesday October 28th. See Improved VMware Fusion Portal Now Open for Business for more details.


First off, I want to thank our users for the flood of excitement for VMware Fusion 3.  Because we’ve seen even more demand than anticipated, the VMware Fusion upgrade portal is having problems keeping up with the demand! 

While we have already transacted thousands of upgrades today and many people are able to get the product, I apologize immensely to those of you who are anxious to get the product immediately and are running into issues.

I want to reassure you that we are working on this urgently and expect to be back in action soon.

In the mean time, I want to get you up and running with VMware Fusion 3 while we resolve the issues many of you are encountering.

  1. Click here to download the VMware Fusion 3 software
  2. Use the following 30 trial license key to get you up and running: JN28P-7UJ8M-H8K33-0202P-9EPH4

I hope this helps you get up and running while we get our VMware Fusion upgrade portal back in order.

If you have questions about your upgrade, subscription, or technology guarantee, please see our original post, here.

Stay tuned to the Team Fusion blog and Twitter feed for the latest updates.

Thanks for your patience and ongoing support.

Pat Lee

Director, Personal Desktop Products


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About Pat Lee

Pat Lee is the Senior Director, Remote Experience for VMware Desktop and Application products. The Remote Experience team is responsible for 3D graphics, remote display protocols, remote device access, desktop clients, thin clients, web clients, and mobile clients.

34 thoughts on “Addressing the Overwhelming Demand for VMware Fusion 3 – Free 30 Day Trial Available

  1. Don Smith

    Thanks for this post. It allowed me to complete the installation without calling support. I’m still not clear how to apply my free upgrade (since I just purchased Fusion a couple of weeks ago), but at least I have 30 days to find out. Thanks again.

  2. Jeff Mierzwa

    Thanks! This really helped out. I, and I hope others, appreciate the help

  3. Muir Robertson

    well it’s now 4.45 eastern and the portal is still not working. Get through to the page to select which license to upgrade but the page comes up with errors and I cannot proceed. bizarre.

  4. Blake Garner

    Thanks Pat!! This will keep the torches and pitchforks away from my office!

  5. Richard L Martin

    I purchased VMwareFusion 2 on Oct,24th. at the Grand Jct., CO Best Buy store. It doesn’t even work with Windows 7 or MAC 10.6.1 SNOW Leopard.
    Shouldn’t I get my money back or a copy of Fusion 3???
    Please help!

  6. Peti

    Hope you gonna introduce special upgrade from Parallels. Now I have Parallels 3. I want to go for 10.6 so must upgrade Parallels to ver 4 or buy something else… Par 3 -> Par 4 cost 40 Euro, VM about 70 Euro. Fusion looks better but for me price is to high.

  7. Joe Roback

    Thanks. Appreciate the trial license while you guys sort things out 🙂

  8. Detlef

    Purchased license, received no serial number, no response from support so far. As a customer I feel like a peace of ***t!
    I’m with the competitor now, thanks!

  9. Kerry

    I purchased this, and got a receipt with a blank activation key field. It asks me to register, but to do so I need the activation key. I already want my money back and use P…s instead.

  10. Matt Towers

    I received an email with a promo code for a 25% discount but the code does not work. I realize this is not the best place to ask but the beta forum is closed, replies to the email with the offer go unanswered, and 15 minutes of hold time dropped me to a voice mail box.
    Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

  11. David

    The tone of these comments is really something – it’s almost like they didn’t read the message that they’re responding to. VMWare is currently swamped and experiencing problems. That means you’ll have to wait your turn. (And here’s a little tip: “the competitor” software is generally thought of as having among the worst customer service a company could have. If you buy software based on how you perceive the customer service and you’re this fickle about it, save the processing time of a return, ‘cuz you’ll be right back here in no time.)
    It’s disappointing that there are problems, to be sure, but it’s also something to be happy about – it’s always nice to see a company that does good work to have high demand. Cheers, VMWare Fusion team – you do great work and deserve praise and recognition for it.

  12. San P

    Guys, have patience. There is a problem and it requires time to be sorted out. Give them some time. At least VMWare team is responsive unlike “competitor”.

  13. Miku

    They acknowledged the problem and provided a temporary solution. Quit your whining, everyone.

  14. emory

    I’m very happy that you posted a temporary serial for us to try it out, the license server problems were driving me insane, I was really thinking I was insane.
    Thanks for giving us a workaround.

  15. Alex

    and while this is going on you can not get any support, since you need to register to get email support….
    I don’t think the entire support staff are tasked with solving registration issue, or are they?
    You could have at least activate email support while you are fix this problem, since the application on its own is not bug free…..

  16. Ben Protas

    Why not put this information on the download page? The blog is not even linked to from the download or support pages

  17. Ben

    I also just bought the upgrade. No Serial Number in the Mail and support unreachable. I now use the 30 day try out code.
    Could someone from the team please tell us, when/if the real serial will come to us purchasers? Serial lookup on the site doesn’t work.
    Very frustrating. Could you guys have anticipated this surge in demand?

  18. Brad

    This surge in demand and we didn’t expect this is all BS. I buy a product I expect to get the license number as part of my email I get from purchasing the product.
    They have a genuine bug in their licensing software. I don’t know if this product team is to blame for this or not.
    But as some previous post said they should update their website with this problem and tell where customers should go. Because I went crazy myself until I googled and found this blog.

  19. Slawo

    The problem is that we are woried about the validity of our purchase. First the serial is not included in the order e-mail then when the Upgrade key mail gets there hours later, you have to go to a website which has no relation with vmware to retrieve the key.
    Finaly the registration page rejects the key. Now i’m not sure i bought anything as the offocial vmware site rejects the key I got.
    We’ll see tomorrow.

  20. Mark Brown

    Your new amazing portal has lost any knowledge of all my previous purchases and licenses. And, it won’t accept a special promotion code I received. No fun at all.

  21. jmf

    I can’t seem to find the “Light” trial download. Is it available?

  22. si

    Their licensing scheme is too complicated for their own good. Nobody should have to wait to get a download.

  23. Tom

    Really pretty lame that a company like VMware which can provision multiple virtual servers did such a poor job here.
    R. Cringely says it even better:
    VMware should give out FREE licenses to everyone who had to put up with their lameness.
    VMware Player — don’t get me started!! Two (2) days later and people *still* don’t have their download link via email.
    Next time, KISS!!!

  24. Rick Hendricks

    The work around is appreciated.

  25. D. Wise

    Just purchased the new VM Fusion 3 and got the serial number via email, but it won’t let me license it. Tried several times, but it still won’t let me. Went and checked my license information from their website, and it shows my new product and license number, but somehow I can’t get it to take the number. Their registration site says it is not a valid number. Don’t know if it is because I put it on my credit card and it might take a few days to have the web site update that it is in fact purchased. Don’t know about this, it is frustrating. Anyone else having this type of problem?

  26. J. O'Brien

    WARNING: DON”T upgrade to 3.0 using the temporary key now.
    Unfortuantely after emailing and faxing in my application for an upgrade over a month ago, I am still waiting for my upgrade to be processed. Today I tried to install the trial as noted in this post. I had the lovely discovery that the serial number provided has now expired. Just how complicated does a ‘free upgrade’ need to be. You’d think you could check that my serial number is valid and then make it work. Also loving that your phone system never gives me the opportunity to talk to a human about my problem.

  27. Tim

    Purchased Fusion 2 in November. Submitted for free upgrade to Version 3 by email on 28 November. After 24 days, I hadn’t received an upgrade email. I figured my submission was lost in the shuffle, so I resubmitted via mail on 22 December. By 29 January, I still hadn’t gotten a reply, so I called 877-392-9909 and had to leave a message to which no one responded. Called again on 1 February, but still no response. It’s 3 February now. What do I need to do to get the free upgrade I was promised? I could have gone the Boot Camp route, but the free upgrade was a big part of the reason I went with Fusion instead.

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  29. Sameer

    I have downloaded Vmware workstation a month ago on 30 day trial basis , but at that time i maight recieve or might not recieve lincense key mail from Vmware . so i dont have license key with me . so nw i can’t open virtual machiene frm Vmware workstation…
    What can be soliution for that
    Should i have to download that software of 520 Mb again !!!!!!
    Plz reply me
    & ofcourse Thanks In Advance

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