Come and Get It – VMware Fusion 3 “The Best Way to Run Windows on the Mac”


We are pleased to announce that VMware Fusion 3, the best way to run Windows on the Mac, is now available.

VMware Fusion 3 makes it easier and faster than ever to run Mac and Windows applications side-by-side without rebooting. VMware Fusion 3 is available in a single, all-inclusive edition that includes everything you need to switch to the Mac for just $79.99.

Buy VMware Fusion 3 NOW!

VMware Fusion 3 is now available at the VMware Online Store, the Apple Online Store® (apple.com), Apple Retail Stores, Amazon.com, and other select US resellers starting today.

I want to upgrade to VMware Fusion 3 NOW…

Upgrades from previous versions of VMware Fusion to VMware Fusion 3 cost only $39.99 and are available exclusively from the VMware Online Store, so you can download and start using VMware Fusion 3 immediately!

When will VMware Fusion 3 be available at online resellers and retail stores in Europe or Asia?

VMware Fusion 3 will be available at authorized retail and online stores in Europe and Asia starting Tuesday, November 4th.

Is there special academic/student pricing for VMware Fusion 3?

For qualified students and teachers, VMware has academic pricing that is available from the VMware Academic Store, so you can download and start using VMware Fusion 3 immediately at an even lower cost!

What if I bought VMware Fusion 2 recently?

Customers who purchase VMware Fusion 2 from October 1, 2009 through end of November qualify for a free downloadable upgrade to VMware Fusion 3.

  • If you bought VMware Fusion 2 from the VMware Online Store from October 1st through October 26th, there is nothing for you to do and you will receive a free downloadable VMware Fusion 3 upgrade by e-mail in the next week.
  • If you bought VMware Fusion 2 from a retail or other online store, you need to go to the VMware Fusion Technology Guarantee website, fill out the online form, and mail in or fax your proof of purchase of VMware Fusion 2. Free downloadable VMware Fusion 3 upgrades will take up two weeks to deliver after receiving a valid proof of purchase.

What if I bought VMware Fusion 2 with the 12-month Subscription option?

If you have an active subscription only contract (purchased 12 months ago or less), you will receive a free downloadable VMware Fusion 3 upgrade by e-mail in the next week.

My business bought VMware Fusion 2 with the Site Support?

If you have an active Site Support contract (purchased 12 months ago or less), you will receive a free downloadable VMware Fusion 3 upgrade for your covered licenses by e-mail in the next week.

What’s new in VMware Fusion 3?

VMware Fusion 3 has over 50 new features and enhancements including:

  • Easiest, Fastest Way To Switch To The Mac. With the new built-in Migration Assistant for Windows, VMware Fusion 3 makes it easy for users to bring their entire PC to their Mac in a few easy steps – wirelessly or with a simple Ethernet or FireWire cable – allowing customers to protect investments in existing Windows software, and to keep using the programs they still need ! More important, VMware Fusion 3 is more than two times faster than other “Switch to Mac” solutions without the 20% price premium of dedicated “Switch to Mac” solutions.

PC MigrationAgent Security CodeMigration Assistant on Mac Security Code  

Leverage Apple’s Bonjour for the most Mac like way to migrate your PC to the Mac

  • Ultimate Windows 7 Experience. VMware Fusion 3 is the FIRST virtualization product for the Mac to provide the full Windows 7 experience, side-by-side with your Mac, complete with Windows Aero and Flip 3D. Run 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7 — it is your choice.

3) Aero with Flip 3D Effect 

Only VMware Fusion 3 Supports Windows Aero with Flip 3D

  • Optimized for Snow Leopard. VMware Fusion 3 leverages Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s advanced architecture with a new 64-bit core engine and native support for the 64-bit kernel to deliver an even better Windows on Mac experience.


CPU usage running Windows Live Writer on Windows 7 x64 while writing this blog post

  • Best-in-Class 3D Graphics. VMware was the first to provide virtual 3D graphics and is the first to support Windows Aero in a virtual machine on the Mac. VMware Fusion 3 is also first to support DirectX 9 Shader Model 3.0 3D graphics and now adds support for OpenGL 2.1 for Windows virtual machines to enable more Windows applications and games.

 Left 4 Dead b

Playing Left 4 Dead in a Windows 7 VM!

  • Run Windows Apps, The Mac Way. VMware Fusion has been designed from the beginning to make it easy to run Windows apps like Mac apps. VMware Fusion 3 makes it even better with the “Always On” Applications Menu that banishes the Windows Start menu from your Mac and let’s you find and launch Windows apps like Mac apps, even when VMware Fusion is not running. Cycle through open Windows apps with “ command ` ”, quit individual Windows applications with “command q”, and use Dock Exposé with Windows apps.

Unity 3 - Windows and Mac Together

Kick the Windows Start Menu to the curb with the new “Always On” Application Menu  

  • Maximum Performance. Finely Tuned. Building on the proven reliability and performance of VMware Fusion 2, the new 64-bit native core engine and 4-way multi-core SMP make VMware Fusion 3 perform even better especially on the Nehalem-based Mac Pro and the new iMacs, especially on the new iMac and Mac Pros. In addition, many smaller refinements increase overall performance from better disk and graphics performance on Snow Leopard, improved 2D interactive performance, faster scrolling in Windows applications, faster to enter Unity view, improved application launch times, up to 2X faster resume time for a suspended virtual machine, and much more. VMware Fusion 3 is finely tuned to make Windows run even better than before on the Mac.

We hope you enjoy VMware Fusion 3!

Team Fusion has been working long hours for almost a year to bring you VMware Fusion 3 and we hope you enjoy it!


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  1. What if when I bought Fusion 2 I purchased the subscription? Your website doesn’t seem to acknowledge that when I log in. You need to update your guidance for those who forked out for the year long subscription to the software, as I can’t currently see any way I can upgrade without having to pay full price?

  2. I’m eligible for the free upgrade because I recently bought Fusion 2, but when I entered my serial number on the upgrade page, nothing happened. What’s up with that? I just sent in the form/receipt too, though, so I’m hoping that I’m OK.

  3. I also purchased Fusion 2 directly from the VMware online store a few days ago, making me eligible for a free upgrade to 3.0. However, I’ve just noticed this portion from up above after sending a message to customer support:
    “If you bought VMware Fusion 2 from the VMware Online Store from October 1st through October 26th, there is nothing for you to do and you will receive a free downloadable VMware Fusion 3 upgrade by e-mail in the next week.”
    So I suppose there is nothing to do except wait. However, I find it strange that having already paid for a product (the only reason I bought Fusion 2 was so I would be able to upgrade to 3, as I only have Windows 7 and Fusion 2 is therefore of no use to me) I apparently have to wait longer than others who are going ahead and purchasing it today. Is there any real benefit to the customers who purchased 2.0 during the campaign?

  4. Screw that, I have just upgraded my paid version to a free trial without key. It has picked up my old key telling me to upgrade but when I click upgrade, it wants me to pay! I can’t even bypass the licence screen now and use the product on a 30 day trial until I get my key!
    Warning – don’t upgrade until you get your new key!

  5. Well, I hope I’m not the only one feeling a bit cheated that I bought Fusion 2 in advance, specifically to get 3, and now I have to wait; may as well have bought it today.

  6. Clear false advertising – the email I bought Fusion 2 from said:
    Be the first to get VMware Fusion 3
    Buy VMware Fusion 2 today for immediate use and automatically get a free upgrade to VMware Fusion 3 on October 27, 2009.
    Where is my upgrade? And clearly I’m not among the first to get 3.

  7. This is just poor.
    No upgrade, so I try the trial (twice, with 2 different email addresses) — no key.
    So I try to *pay* for the upgrade, and not even that worked — “Our records indicate that you have no eligible registered products to upgrade. To complete your upgrade order, please register a compatible product.”

  8. They wrote:
    “VMware Fusion 3 will be available at authorized retail and online stores in Europe and Asia starting Tuesday, November 4th.”
    Someone probably didn’t have the calendar, either not Tuesday or not 4th.

  9. “If you bought VMware Fusion 2 from the VMware Online Store from October 1st through October 26th, there is nothing for you to do and you will receive a free downloadable VMware Fusion 3 upgrade by e-mail in the next week.”
    in the next WEEK?

  10. Yes, it seems like it was a poor choice to buy early. Not a choice I’ll make again with VMware if this is typical of how they treat customers who are willing to pay early for their newest product.

  11. Has any received a confirmation/serial number email from VMWARE? I downloaded the disk image ok, but never received the email. Any one here with better luck?

  12. No, I’ve tried with my paid account and newly created one.It seems like this launch has not been well executed at all. And I’m never pre-ordering from vmware again – they clearly stated we’d be the first to get v3 at launch and now it looks like we’ll be the last! I’m going to have to reinstall 2.0.6 just to get on with my work. Ridiculous.

  13. Wow. This launch is so botched. Went to purchase upgrade and it told me I have not valid products to upgrade. Fine, I see they are having issues. I’ll just download the trial and use it until they get things fixed.
    Uninstall Fusion 2 and then install Fusion 3 trial. Uuhhh, still haven’t gotten my evaluation key via email. Waiting, waiting, still waiting.
    Now I am left with reinstalling 2 if I need to run Windows.
    Way to go.

  14. Yes, I also was eager to get the upgrade and was denied by the online store because they can’t find my serial number…even though they have it linked to my user profile. My VMWare Fusion 3 launch party was a fiasco!

  15. Ive been trying to upgrade since this morning and everytime I try to register my version 2 key, it tells me that no products have been found that are eligible for upgrade 🙁
    Ive tried 3 times now, waiting a couple of hours each time between attempts in case its just a busy day but still nothing and havent saw any, “please be patient posts, we’re swamped” any where, so not sure if the system is broken or if theyre busy.
    Anyway, vmware, if youre reading this, I would like to give you money but please dont make it this awkward or at least let us know whats going on.

  16. Just upgraded, but the registration mail (it did let me choose to upgrade my 2.x version) has a blank for the new serial number. That makes it sort of tough to ender in the Licensing panel now when running 3.0. Nice.
    Ummm… so where’s the 3.0 serial number if not in the email order confirmation I got?

  17. For some reason my Fusion 2 serial appears as Fusion 1. Still no luck upgrading. 🙁 I sometimes can log into my account and sometimes not. I cannot seem to purchase an upgrade license. I hope this is resolved within 5 days before I get locked out. I better go through the inconvenience of moving important files to a USB drive just in case I lose access.

  18. Fxxx that! I thought I was PRE-ORDER for VMware fusion 3!!! Then I bought Fusion 2 two days ago. Why I have to wait for NEXT WEEK? I should wait for today if this shXt happened to me.

  19. Add me to the list of another who can’t seem to upgrade due to the website breaking.
    First it doesn’t recognize my old serials so I can’t upgrade via the discount price. Once it does recognize it, the site is so borked that I can’t move forward to the next stage. I just want to get the stupid serial so I can run this thing.

    You really should post an update somewhere on your site about the problems with the store and the upgrades, and when you expect to be back up. I am sure you guys are working frantically to get things running again, but I don’t see an official company statement anywhere.

  21. I really hope VMware posts something to their blog, or their twitter feed, or SOMEWHERE within the information flow of excited early adopters, to let us know some updates. Sorry Murphy’s Law got you, guys. 🙂 As it is I am going to try to call their customer service number to see if they have a notice on their phone tree.

  22. Does the 3D graphics functionality emulate a 3D graphics card using the host CPU, or does it actually utilize the host GPU without emulation (and thus less hitting the host CPU)?
    If it is emulation via CPU, then I can understand there would be no need to get a higher end graphics card. But, if it is GPU driven, is a 9400M sufficient?

  23. What the heck is wrong with this company. I download the evaluation and of course install it over my fusion 2. Now i’m given the honor of waiting for an evaluation confirmation email to show up from VMWare. Really did they even test the whole process to make sure the emails will go out? Some Project Managers need to be fired.

  24. Please post an update on the state of the store, and a trial key that everyone can use while they wait for the registration system to come back online.
    Im in the same boat as others, having upgraded to the trial and now unable to use it as I wait for a key.

  25. This is the worst product launch ever:
    1) The VMware store claims I’m not a valid VMware customer, nor do I have a valid VMware Fusion v1 or v2 serial code registered. I am and have. I’ve registered the code 3 times.
    2) Tried obtaining the 30-day trial. Downloaded fine, but won’t install without a serial code. No trial serial code emailed, either.
    How can such a big company get something so simple, so wrong? Disgraceful.
    We should all buy Parallels Desktop simply as it’s not a company worth supporting.

  26. Add me to the list of VERY disappointed customers that bought Fusion 2 with the promise that we would be the first to get Fusion 3. Way to treat customers VMWare.

  27. VMWare screwed the pooch on this one.
    I paid for the full version of Fusion 3. Yet I don’t have a license key, can’t get a demo key, and neither will happen for “a day or two” according to tech support.
    Seems the license server is down…
    Good Job VMWare. It’s always nice to get a pleasant reminder that Yes, Virginia, established companies f*&k up just as bad as brand new ones.
    At least do some damage control. Get a single 30 day demo key and send it out to all your paying customers. That way they can at least use the software they *paid* for while you un-f*&k yourselves.

  28. I purchased VMWare Fusion 2 on Oct 13th – 2 weeks from today and was told I could get Version 3 as soon as it comes out. Now I have no key for Version 3 and I can’t seem to get anyone on the phone. This is LAME!!!!! I can’t believe I even purchased it early. What a way to treat your pre-release customers.

  29. This is really, really, frick’n LAME!!!
    I purchased v2 in February and have been happy. Last evening I attempted to purchase the 3.0 upgrade only to find that VMWare cannot locate my serial number. Fine – I re-registered and was notified that it would take 20 minutes to associate my serial number with my account. Twelve hours later – still cannot purchase an upgrade because they cannot find my serial number. What next? Instead of purchasing an upgrade I decided to simply purchase a new copy. $40 difference – what the hell! They accept my payment, provide a download link and send a confirmation email – guess what? NO serial number in the confirmation email. I then called support and was informed that I *should* receive a serial number in 24 to 48 hours. Blinded by my frustration, I then decide to simply register for a 30day trial license – still no luck as the confirmation never arrived. End result… I now own two copies of Fusion neither of which I can use.
    VMWare – thanks for everything – especially helping me blow my morning!

  30. I’ve tried upgrading a few times. The first few times their site just timed out part-way through, and lately it claims “No data found for the serial number entered”. I was ready to buy, but I guess they aren’t ready to sell.

  31. I have 6 Copies of Fusion. Was only able to upgrade 1. Others will not work in the upgrade window. I called and they said “wait a couple days” because the servers are overloaded.
    Also, I can not get the Converter to work with any of the PCs I’d like to convert. My mouse has to be manually escaped on a PC I previously converted, and there’s a long backup for tech. support.
    Ah, the Pioneers, taking the arrows. So much fun. 😉

  32. I’ve been having the same issue regarding the upgrade from version 2 supposedly VMWare is having issues with sending out serial numbers and suggest in the mean time to enter the 30 day serial. JN28P-7UJ8M-H8K33-0202P-9EPH4

  33. There are a number of issues with the 3.0 upgrade. I was finally able to actually get the upgrade late last night. Ever since installing it, Fusion has locked my iMac up multiple times where the only fix was to hit the power button. There are also issues with the display driver under Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit, I tested both) even when using the basic (non-Aero)theme.
    VMware, when do you expect to have the first update for 3.0 out?

  34. I made the mistake of downloading the trial and serial number from the twitter announcement. Big, big mistake as it wouldn’t link to the peer services even after sevearl reboots. I then uninstalled to go back to 2.06 and it wouldn’t start up the virtual machine because I didn’t have the correct permission. Tried using time machine to go back. what a croc that is?
    Long story short, this has been a disaster….

  35. I too purchased on the 14th october online… still haven’t received my email for the free upgrade.
    Hopefully, they will soon get info out to us.

  36. I can’t pay for the upgrade – every time I proceed to the checkout and provide my credit card info, it tells me it couldn’t process my order, to check my details and try again. They’re all correct, and I’ve tried this several times, over more than a week. Broken.

  37. Hey, are you sleeping? I spent 100 euros on your store to buy WMWARE FUSION 3 and never receive my serial number. So it s not possible to use my product. I m upset. It is not honnest

  38. You have to use the uninstall to get rid of 3.0! VMware has done one of the most horrible jobs of this release!!! And when you call them some ARAB who can hardly speak English tries to help you. What a joke!!! Blogs all over the place have bashed this company for their deceptive advertising and how BADLY they treat their current customers! Fo a supposedly decent size software company they must be having serious money problems to try to suck in this much money and then cheat more customers each day. I have been with Apple for over 25 years and this is one of the worst experiences to date. They should be ashamed!!!! MacMall has this software even cheaper than the website. And to make it worse if you own a current version you will only pay a few dollars more for a brand new copy! Many customers have bought 2.0 within the past three months and are now messed out of a industry wide standard of a free upgrade!!!! Shameful!!!!!!

  39. I purchase v2.0 with the free 3.0 upgrade and emailed the forms in. I got an email back from mediuscorp.com saying Support Ticket Opened with a link to track. The link used to show open status last week, now this week the link does not even work. Will I ever see a serial # for 3.0? I was part of the 3.0 trial and that key expired and I am still waiting for a new key, which I’m beginning to think I will never see…

  40. Very disappointed in VMWare. I switched to a Mac because of work. VMware allowed me to get to Visio and Project Plan on Windows. NOT being one who follows the new versions, I saw an upgrade popup (which appeared everytime I tried to use it) and finally figured I need to install the update to get the pop-up to stop.
    Once I realized it was a PAID upgrade, I tried to cancel. However it was too late and then I got locked out of VMWare 2.
    So I re-install and now I can’t get to all my documents in the shared folder because it was touched by Fusion 3.
    Thanks a lot VMWare. I have now been leveraging freeware so that I have no reason to RELY on your product again.

  41. Hi, I’ve got a question about people’s experience using OpenGL applications on a Windows VM using Fusion 3.
    Docs state that acceleration for OpenGL is now supported, but when the Windows application makes a call to DescribePixelFormat() [1] the dwFlags [2] is set to PFD_GENERIC_FORMAT and not PFD_GENERIC_ACCELERATED. Hence OpenGL problems.
    Any others here with experience developing OpenGL apps in a Fusion 3 virtualised environment?
    [1] http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd318302%28VS.85%29.aspx
    [2] http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd368826%28VS.85%29.aspx

  42. My vm ware fusion 2’s serial number also registers as version 1 and I puchased the upgrade with paypal and said I would receive email with serial number and after one day still haven’t gotten it, anyone here know what to do?

  43. I just purchased FUSION for my mac and I downloaded the three part Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Ed. trial version, from your web site as well. I installed it and it is asking me for an administrator name and password which I do not have. Can you give me the necessary User name and password to launch this?

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