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VMware Fusion 2 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard: Even Better

image Many VMware Fusion users have been wondering how VMware Fusion 2.0.5 fares on Snow Leopard, and we’re proud to report that VMware Fusion 2.0.5 now offers experimental support for the Snow Leopard when running the default 32-bit kernel!

Of course, we kept up with the pre-release seeds of 10.6 and done a great deal of testing of VMware Fusion 2.0.5 and found that it worked well on the default Snow Leopard install (the 32-bit kernel which runs both 32-bit and 64-bit applications). However, there was always the minor chance that something could change before the final version of Snow Leopard.

Our initial testing of VMware Fusion 2.0.5 with the final release of Snow Leopard has gone very well, but we are still running our full suite of tests on the final Snow Leopard release just to be sure.

Just so you know, I’m writing this blog post in Windows XP virtual machine on an iMac running VMware Fusion 2.0.5 on Snow Leopard and it works great.

If you are using an older version of VMware Fusion, download the FREE upgrade to VMware Fusion 2.0.5 in order to run your virtual machines on Snow Leopard

UPDATED : So, what is the story with 64-bit Snow Leopard?

Apple is promoting the 64-bit transition in Snow Leopard now that all Apple applications included with Snow Leopard, like Calculator, to Finder, and Windows Server are ported to 64-bit. According to Apple, all included Apple applications are now 64-bit for higher performance, but the default kernel for every Mac except the Xserve is the 32-bit kernel. So, even though you are running the 32-bit kernel by default, the rest of Mac OS X Snow Leopard is running in 64-bit mode for better performance.

VMware Fusion 2.0.5 offers experimental support for the default install of Snow Leopard, which runs both 32-bit applications and the new faster 64-bit applications on the default 32-bit kernel.

In addition to the default Snow Leopard install, which is the 32-bit kernel with support for 32-bit and 64-bit applications, Snow Leopard now offers a 64-bit kernel option that is available by default for Snow Leopard Server on 2008 and 2009 Xserves. The 64-bit kernel can be enabled optionally on a number of 2008, 2009 Macs

However, VMware Fusion 2.0.5 is NOT compatible with the optional 64-bit kernel of Snow Leopard and Snow Leopard Server.  For most users, this will not be a problem, as the 64-bit kernel of Snow Leopard only starts up by default only for Snow Leopard Server on 2008 and 2009 Xserves.

The transition to the 64-bit kernel of Snow Leopard is a major undertaking and something that we are taking seriously as we plan future products. If you are interested in beta testing future versions of VMware Fusion, click here to sign up.

Checking if Snow Leopard is running the 32-bit or 64-bit kernel

If you are not sure which version of Snow Leopard you are running, it’s really easy to check:

1) Select About this Mac from the Apple menu

2) Click on More Info to open System Profiler

3) Click on Software and check the “64-bit Kernel and Extensions” option. If you are running the 64-bit Kernel, it will say “Yes”, if you are running the 32-bit Kernel it will say “No”.


How to Switch from 64-bit to 32-bit Snow Leopard

If you found that your computer is running the 64-bit version of Snow Leopard and you need to run your virtual machines, it’s really easy to switch it to the 32-bit kernel. Simply restart your computer holding down the “3” and “2” keys on the keyboard

Enjoy VMware Fusion 2.0.5 on Snow Leopard

Apple has worked hard on this revolutionary software, and we know many of you have been waiting eagerly for Snow Leopard (I've personally been waiting for the new Easy Text Selection feature in Preview to make highlighting text in PDF’s much easier).  We always want our customers to be able to use the newest software available, so we are pleased VMware Fusion 2.0.5 works well (though still experimental support for now) on Snow Leopard.

If you don’t have VMware Fusion yet, the VMware online store is having a limited time “10% Off” sale on VMware Fusion 2.  Save 10% instantly when you buy VMware Fusion today – offer expires 8/31/09!



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  1. Cool. But is VMWare working on a 64-bit clean version of Fusion? If so, when can we expect see it hit beta?

  2. Do you mean “VMware Fusion 2.0.5 _already_ offers experimental support for the 32-bit version of Snow Leopard”? In which case my existing installation will work fine. Or do you mean there’s a _new_ 2.0.5 which offers experimental support?

  3. Forget about 64bit until you can get the 32bit vmware fusion working perfect on Snow Leopard.
    Fix copy and paste, Fix the leaks and glitches in 10.6

  4. “The transition to 64-bit Snow Leopard is a major undertaking and something that we are taking seriously as we plan future products.”
    So, maybe, at some point in the future ….

  5. “we are taking seriously as we plan future products”
    This sounds like you’re going to support 64bit Snow Leopard on the next major version of Fusion only.
    I hope I’m wrong, though.

  6. It would be helpful to know the anticipated timetable for full rather than just experimental support for 32-bit Snow Leopard.
    As a software developer, I understand that if unexpected problems crop up during testing, that could push back the date for full support. But at a minimum it’d be helpful to know the date by which full regression testing should be completed, such that we’ll either have full support, or a better idea of how long that’s likely to take.

  7. I keep hoping I’m misreading this. As someone that uses VMWare everyday to utilize my Windows work apps, are you saying that I will not be able to use Snow Leopard in 64 bit mode for the forseeable future and only in 32bit mode experimentally?
    I’m confused, it’s not like Apple snuck up on anyone with this release…

  8. So what’s “even better”? The fact that it /seems/ to work as advertised?
    One of the biggest reasons to upgrade to 10.6 is not supported (64 bit)?

  9. Before everyone starts having a hissy fit you need to get yourself educated on the difference between 64-bit applications and 64-bit kernels.
    Running the 32-bit Snow Leopard kernel still fully supports 64-bit applications…as does the 32-bit Leopard kernel.
    I highly doubt that any of you have any real need to run a 64-bit kernel.

  10. So, to really take advantage of Snow Leopard’s advances and speed, I’ll need to run in 64 bit, but to use Fusion I need to reboot into 32 bit. Might as well go back to using Boot Camp.

  11. Walt Mossberg of the WSJ says that you provided him with a yet to be released version of Fusion that worked perfectly with SL. Is he referring to 2.0.5 or a newer version?

  12. I cannot install Fusion 2.0.5 in Snow Leopard. When I start the installer, it says:
    VMware Fusion can’t be installed on this computer.
    A system reboot is required before installing VMware Fusion.
    I reboot and I get the same message. I am running the 32 bit kernel.
    Any ideas what can I do?

  13. According to Apple the 64-bit kernel can run 32-bit applications like VMWare Fusion if the kernel extensions are updated to 64-bit. So why is it such a huge undertaking if all you have to do is update the kexts? Also why have you waited so long to get this done? The betas have been available to developers for a very long time.

  14. Am I slow? So Fusion is a 64-bit program that can run 64-bit operating systems on 64-bit processors, but won’t work *in* an operating system with a 64-bit kernel? Maybe I can use another emulator to boot into a dumbed-down version of Mac OS X to use Fusion.

  15. I have a new Macbook and I installed Snow Leopard on it. Fusion runs like a pooch with it… it is unbearably slow.. painful. The only program I really use on it is Quicken 2009 – and it takes (literally) minutes to load up. I’m not sure who has been testing this on the Mac OS but aye – its painful.

  16. Why is this so hard to understand for so many people, maybe because VM Ware’s press release (blog entry) uses way to many words to camouflage what doesn’t work.
    Experimental is sort of VM Wares way of saying “beta”, or not fully supported. Frankly it’s a better term than “beta” since it seems damn stable.
    – VM Ware 2.0.5 has experimental support for running on the default (32-bit kernel) Snow Leopard Client. In my experience this is as solid as it has always been.
    – VM Ware 2.0.5 will not run under the optional 64-bit kernel (hold down 6&4 at startup) of Snow Leopard, nor on the default 64-bit kernel of Snow Leopard Server.
    – VM Ware 2.0.5 will NOT HOST Leopard or Snow Leopard as a GUEST OS. This would violate Apple’s Licensing terms.
    VM Ware 2.0.5 will HOST Leopard SERVER and Snow Leopard SERVER. I think this is still labeled “experimental” however.
    Once again… Snow Leopard’s DEFAULT kernel is 32-bit. This is how Apple intends MOST people to run SL. You get all the intended benefits of Snow Leopard while still running the 32-bit kernel. This starts to change if you’re running 8GB+ of RAM and kernel intensive apps). Running 64-bit apps makes a much bigger difference in performance than running a 64-bit kernel.
    I recently did a test using Lightroom 2.4, I trust you can sort out the results:
    OS X 10.5 32 bit kernel
    LR32 : 4:20s
    LR64 : 3:26s
    OS X 10.6 32 bit kernel
    LR32 : 4:10s
    LR64 : 3:08s
    OS X 10.6 64 bit kernel
    LR32 : 4:00s
    LR64 : 3:05s
    Note, this was working with exactly the kind of large files that benefit from 64-bits, apps dealing with small files will have less benefit.

  17. Dear VMware, please note that the default for a clean install of 10.6 is 64-bit. PLEASE don’t try to pad things with PR twists. We know the truth. Now.. we are willing to wait.. and be with you… but just don’t insult us like this.
    now if only the build available on beta can get refreshed instead of working with this really horribly unstable one 🙁

  18. Dear Michael, please note that the default Kernel for 10.6 on ALL Macs (except the XServe) is 32 bit whether you are on a clean install or upgrade from Leopard.
    This doesn’t mean you can’t run 64 bit apps (indeed 64 bit apps worked in Leopard) and actually a 64 bit Kernel has practically no advantages on a system unless you have more than 8GB of RAM.
    Refreshing builds can take time, as most software houses go through a quality assurance phase before release (even in Beta).
    And no I don’t work for VMware FYI.

  19. I’ve got an iMac with Fusion running Vista Ultimate and a MacBook Pro (unibody version) with Fusion running WinXPSP3. Both run just fine. In fact the Vista VM is a bit faster than it was. The MacBook XP VM had MS Office 2007 running without problems,
    The real test will be on Monday when I try the MacBook in the office to see how the MacBook’s XP VM handles the day to day stuff. I’ll pass along any lessons learned.
    No, I don’t work for VMWare.

  20. So can I just keep my 2.0.4 version of VM Ware Fusion and upgrade to Snow Leopard? Will 2.0.4 still work if I go to Snow Leopard?

  21. i recently installed 10.6, clean and imported my data from a clone backup. so far, everything works except fusion. i get an error message CAN NOT OPEN DIRECTORY /DEV/VMMON: NO SUCH FILE OR DIRECTORY
    no idea where that’s coming from, PLEASE HELP !

  22. What about OpenCL in the new OS-X? Would be very interested in an increase in the hard virtual limit of 128Mb for VRAM in Fusion2. Hit that limit all the time with my system & uses. Would like to better use the capacity of the installed video cards. And multiple monitors without lagging, glitches and stalls. Is VMware working on that too?

  23. Like many others, I will use Snow Leopard on my Xserve (and other Mac Pro) machines in the (default) 64-bit kernel mode for Xserve machines. By not supporting the 64-bit kernel, you are clearly denying a large segment of your user community. Please consider an ASAP (within 2 weeks?) release of Fusion supporting the 64-bit kernel.

  24. What a drag. I was so excited I could boot my Mac in 64-bit mode and I set it up to permanently do so, and then found out Fusion which I need for a certain app doesn’t run. Ruined my whole day.
    Why couldn’t you be on top of this? Let me guess – managers. Managers screw up everything.

  25. While I still prefer VMware Fusion over Parallels, it seems like you’re starting to fall behind the competition. Yesterday Parallels Desktop for Mac was updated to include 64-bit Snow Leopard support. They’re also putting in a lot of effort to develop a more streamlined interface with the upcoming major release (version 5).
    I’m hoping VMware Fusion will see similar changes sooner rather than later.

  26. Since installing Snow Leopard at the weekend I’ve been experiencing complete screen freezes and applications quiting. Have confirmed I have Fusion 2.0.5.

  27. does anyone know if i will have to reinstall vm ware after upgrading to leopard ?
    im running a pretty new macbook with vm ware and auto cad installed. I,m hoping i dont have to reinstall auto cad.
    anybody know about boot camp. same thing ?

  28. Fusion seemed to be working fine for my XP VM after I installed Snow Leopard last night. However, this morning when I booted it up I keep getting Core Graphics errors:
    9/1/09 10:28:14 AM [0x0-0x1c01c].com.vmware.fusion[198] Tue Sep 1 10:28:14 vmware[198] : CGContextScaleCTM: invalid context 0x0
    9/1/09 10:28:14 AM [0x0-0x1c01c].com.vmware.fusion[198] Tue Sep 1 10:28:14 vmware[198] : CGBitmapContextCreate: unsupported parameter combination: 8 integer bits/component; 32 bits/pixel; 3-component color space; kCGImageAlphaFirst; 512 bytes/row.
    My mouse also does not work in the VM window now; it keeps displaying the gloved-hand mouse icon and does not switch to the VM internal icon when I click the window.

  29. Ive installed Fusion 2.0.5 and snow leopard.
    All my previous Fusion Instances no longer work on SnowLeopard
    Also the CD Drive does not get recognised with Snow Leopard
    Any solutions??

  30. I depend on Fusion to run Adobe FrameMaker on my MacBook Pro every day. Frame is doing a few strange things since I upgraded to Snow Leopard. (Not that Frame is programmed all that well.) I have a utility dialog that will appear, but disappears as soon as I mouse toward it. Then I got a crash with a dialog asking me if I wanted to debug C++. I think not. Hope there’s a patch soon.

  31. But the POINT of the 64bit is both the gatekeeper and the ability to utilize about 4Gb of memory. Both of which should be slam-dunk for VMware – they enhance the use of VMWare considerably.
    I think that whoever (Parallels, Sun) comes out with 64bit virtualization for Mac OSX Snow Leopard – will capitalize on the marketplace. VMWare has been warned. They’re treading on dangerous ground through their inactivity…

  32. Just FYI the sign up for participating in future Betas is borked. I get a 404 after entering my info.
    Also, VMware apparently has a lackadaisical attitude about fully supporting the 64-bit kernel. You all should have been developing it for the past year since SL was announced. If Parallels beats you to the punch, you can kiss a hefty portion of your userbase goodbye. Better keep your eye on the ball. People aren’t going to tolerate being held back by a single app.

  33. I have read everyone’s comments. Thanks for taking the time to post.
    There are many things I would like to say about the specifics of 64-bit support, but unfortunately it is VMware policy that we CANNOT discuss unannounced products.
    As I said in the blog post, we are taking 64-bit seriously but that is all I can say publicly at this time due to VMware policy.
    If you are interested in beta testing future versions of VMware Fusion, click here to sign up.
    Pat Lee
    Director, Personal Desktop Products

  34. I’m having the same problems as Paul Smith… I have a MacBook 2.4 GHz model which I upgraded to Snow Leopard and my WinXP in VMWare 2.05 is running extremely slowly. Its very painful and is not very usable…

  35. It’s faster on my MacBook Aluminium with Snow Leopard. VMWare Fusion, that is, with XP. I test websites as part of my development work, running IE6, IE7, Firefox in Windows XP on my Mac. All while having Safari, Mail, iTunes playing, and CS4 apps like PS, AI, Dreamweaver running. Upgraded today and definitely Windows in VMWare feels more responsive. I’ve got 4GB of RAM so I’ve given XP 2GB of RAM and 2 of the CPU cores, FWIW. Keep up the hard work VMWare, I switched from Parallels months ago and haven’t looked back. Thanks.

  36. If you whant Vritual Machine on SL whit 64 bit Host you have to switch to Paralles ! Newst Version run under 64 bit SL !!!!! So it should not bee a big problem to make it run under 64 bit!

  37. Fusion 2.0.5 works ‘fine’ on SL but performance has taken a BIG hit. I have a VM running all day for my work apps, and after the 10.6 install both my VM and host MAC run horribly.
    Without Fusion running, SL flys as it should.

  38. I installed Snow Leopard on my I-Mac and did not notice any significant performance improvements at first. I then started the machine with the 64-bit Kernel and the performance improvements are dramatic. Anyone that says that the 64-bit Kernel is not a big deal (and is making a ‘hissy-fit’ about it) must not have tried it. The comment that you need at least 8GB to see an improvement is also incorrect. I have 2GB on my I-Mac and the difference between the 32-bit Kernel and the 64-bit Kernel is big.
    I will commend VMWare that when I tried to start it with the 64-bit Kernel I got a very clear pop-up window stating that the 64-bit Kernel is not supported. I am one who is eagerly hoping that VMWare support for the 64-bit Kernel happens soon!

  39. I’ve got a MBP 2.53GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4GB RAM. I am running VMWareFusion 2.0.5 with Windows XP SP3.
    I upgraded to Snow Leopard and found one bug where my mouse freezes when I switch between an app and VMWare Fusion very quickly using the “Apple+Tab” key. To get around this, I had to “Apple+Tab” out of VMWare Fusion, make sure I don’t move the mouse and then “Apple+Tab” back into VMWare Fusion.
    Has anyone else encountered this problem?

  40. So guys, should I install the 32- or 64-bit version of Windows 7 on Fusion 2.05 on Snow Leopard? Is there a performance penalty?
    I only have 4 gigs of RAM, so I don’t really need 64-bit.

  41. I have installed SL on my MacBook 2.2hz (santa rosa) and my fusion runs sooooo slooooowww it is painful. I even reinstalled VMFusion and created a new virtual machine running XP Pro… effect….still runs slooooowww. Unless there is a fix soon…..I am done with this software.

  42. All of this is Greek to me. All I want to know is can I run Fusion version 1 on my new MacBook Pro which has the Snow Leopard OS?

  43. Having installed Snow Leopard on my MacBook Pro, 4gb ram 2.93mhz core 2 duo in default 32-bit mode, I am no longer able to use VMFusion 2.0.5 because it has slowed to a crawl. Is there some remedy?

  44. So why did you delete my comments???
    This is totally unacceptable. You claim you have made VMFusion Snow Leopard compatible….when it isn’t….it is hopelessly slow!…….and then you have the audacity to DELETE any negative comments. What a load of crap!

  45. Since loading Snow Leopard, the VMware Fusion virtual Windows does not work. Since I had an older version I downloaded the newest VMware Fusion 2.0.5 but still no luck. Virtual Tools does not seem to be loaded and a host of other problems. My PC is gone from the Mac and I need it back. Tried putting the Windows disk in but still nothing. Help!

  46. Wireless drops when VMware opens. If you disable and then re-enable your Airport it works, but that’s a pain.

  47. I just put SL on my iMac with Fusion 2.0.5. & XP. Now there’s no internet access – Explorer doesn’t launch & Quicken 2009 doesn’t recognize my external back up drive. I phoned a VMWare tech who said that Fusion is not ready for SL & it will be several weeks before an upgrade is ready.

  48. Running a 64-bit SL kernel requires 64-bit drivers, including the VMnet network drivers used by Fusion. This is why Fusion 2.0.5 won’t work on a 64-bit kernel – the app works fine, but not the drivers it depends on. Recompiling the drivers in 64-bit mode may or may not be hard work, but testing them certainly is.
    This is the only thing holding me from switching the default boot mode on my Mac Pro to 64-bit as described here:
    Note to VMware: if you don’t come out with a 64-bit-kernel capable version of Fusion soon, I will switch back to Parallels, or even VirtualBox, as soon as they do.

  49. Installed Snow Leopard update.OS X 10.6 is running ok, Fusion boots up ok, but Windows XP is very sluggish for almost an hour, only afterwards does it run as fast as before the update.

  50. Installed Win XP on Snow Leopard with current VMWare Fusion – worked fine and so installed several programs. BUT a few hours after all this I am now only getting a black screen when I start XP in VMWare Fusion. Need to “Force Quit” VMWare Fusion because suspension just give me the black screen back, and there is no way to Shut Down Windows.
    Bummer. 🙁

  51. This is what you get when using Snow Leopard and VMware Fusion 2.0.5.
    ‘Operating system not found’
    Tried to load VMware Tools and no luck there either. This sucks!

  52. Snow leopard issues:
    3D acceleration is not working on Games.
    Tales of Monkey Island, Monkey Island SE are using software render and not the hardware. It was working with Leopard.

  53. I’m about to upgrade one year old iMac and one year and a half old MacBook. I’m running Fusion 2.05 on both. I have 5 or 6 windows servers and other OS’s running on these computers in Fusion. I would rather throw out the Snow Leopard Family Pack then corrupt these virtual machines. The VM’s represent many hours of hard work. I guess I’ll just keep an eye on the message boards and see if anyone else has success at upgrading. I’m not unskilled yet I’m having a problem understanding if the upgrade will really work. I had bad luck this week with iLife 09 and the new iPhoto “Faces” feature. I might wait until my luck turns.

  54. I’m not sure what installations you’re using but I’ve installed SL three times now and the default installation is 64 bit. Michael is entirely right, and I’m screwed for vmware not working and I need to run a flag to bring down my system to 32 bit so I can run Windows. I don’t want to reboot to do that, that’s why I paid for this software. Furthermore, I switched from Parallels to VMWare because VMWare was the better company in more ways than one – but at least they were virtualization experts. This is an unacceptable situation that we find ourselves in that the program is not ready to run on day one! I am extremely unhappy!

  55. Well I couldn’t resist. I upgraded my iMac to SL about an hour after my last post. There were no problems aside from low batteries in my mighty mouse.
    Fusion started up nicely and resumed a VM that had been suspended a week ago.
    A little used Vista VM crashed and froze the computer but I’m pretty certain this VM was “little used” because I had problems with it before I upgraded Fusion and then Leopard.
    The XP VM and the Server 2003 VM both worked fine.
    My MacBook has the most important VM’s on it (SQL server, Exchange, etc.) I’ll upgrade that tomorrow.

  56. I am trying real hard to switch from PD hell to this product, but every step of the way VMware is making it difficult. First, I can’t get a PD 4.+ machine to import. Now I see this is all an “experiment.” Well, I can’t run experimental software in my biz, as my risk managers would have a heart attack and then come at me with long knives. PD did it, so where was the VMware team?

  57. I am unable to connect to the internet in XP after upgrading to Snow Leopard. I am running the latest version of VMWare Fusion 2.0.5. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  58. I had Fusion 2.0.5, WinXP SP2, upgraded to SL smoothly. It only seems that WinXP runs actually slower, apparently it is using my hard disk a lot, can’t see why, but maybe this is caused by something else.
    I’d expect VmWare to release a GA version with SL support though, not acceptable with only beta support when SL is out now, come on!

  59. This is good news I think. It means there is probably a setting or something to fix my problem. I just upgraded to Snow Leopard and VMware fusion really doesn’t work — at least in a usable way. My Windows XP is at least 80% slower performance than it was before the update. Window refresh, connectivity, menu response, everything is really super slow. I’m using 2.0.5 build 173382. Is there a build or a setting that will make Fusion 2 work normally under Snow Leopard as this article suggests? My Mac install is default — and it was put onto a clean new Macbook with only a few other apps installed.

  60. VMWare worked okay right after I installed 10.6, but the other night I tried booting my laptop with a 64 bit kernel. Since then, VMWare has refused to run, complaining about the kexts.
    Oddly, my laptop never did start with the 64 bit kernel. It always came up and reported a 32 bit kernel.
    When I get home tonight I’m going to try booting with the 3 2 keys held down, hoping that might change some internal flag.

  61. I still haven’t updated my MacBook yet. I’m afraid that because one of my VM’s is a Boot Camp import that this will somehow mess it up. I’m wondering if some of the people having problems with
    SL and Fusion are having problems because their VM was imported from Boot Camp.

  62. i don’t care about 64-bit as my chipset doesn’t support it anyway (boot prom, apparently). i do care about vmware fusion working correctly on my mac, which includes the recently used menu; it no longer gets populated which is an annoyance.
    also the performance is much worse than under leopard. that’s just depressing …

  63. Have installed VM 2.0.5. Have installed snow leopard. It takes over 2 minutes for windows to now load.
    Nobody at smithmicro has the answer.

  64. I have VM Ware Fusion 2.0.5 and Snow Leopard running 32-bit, and it is definitely NOT working well. Yes, it starts up — after a huge delay. Yes, I can load Windows apps — after waiting for close to a minute. No, I can’t actually USE the apps after loading. No, I can’t shut it down without doing a Force Quit. Not satisfactory!

  65. Had Fusion running perfectly on my MAC and then upgraded to SL. Now Fusion is inop. Can not load on this computer. tried every uninstall and reinstall possible to no avail. Any ideas? Thanks.

  66. Could you please explain when you are going to stop doing these tiny incremental builds and fix the one big problem with your virtualization machine – the crappy SVGA driver!
    Parallels is running rings around you in terms of graphics support and power – they have no problem with Win 7 / Vista Aero, 3D Games (Silent Hunter 4, Left 4 Dead)
    but your system can’t even handle a windows theme?
    C’mon! What’s the frakkin’ problem???

  67. I am running 2.0.5 and so far, the Windows on VWWare Fusion running on Snow Leopard is virtually useless with frequent program crashes, lock-ups etc. Definitely not even close to “even better”!

  68. WMWare 2.0.5 worked well previously. After the Snow Leopard upgrade it very very very slow. Minutes to open Word for instance.

  69. “VMware Fusion 2.0.5 now offers experimental support for the Snow Leopard”
    experimental support? Are they joking? Now I get why Beyond Trading recommended to short this company $100 down to $25 Horrible

  70. I have finally purged my systems of all non-64-bit kernel applications…except one. I’m a developer who deals with large data sets constantly. I’ve been waiting for a true 64-bit kernel for quite a while now. I only moved to OS X because I was able to use early versions of Snow Leopard 64-bit under ADC.
    Yes I know the press from everyone who is trying to say “But what you really want are 64-bit apps.” I understand what you mean, but I do run heavy-duty applications that benefit substantially from a 64-bit kernel. My problem is with the apps that CAN’T RUN with the 64-bit kernel, of which VMWare Fusion sticks out like a sore thumb.
    I’m thrilled that my ray trace texture generation goes about 30% faster with the SL 64-bit kernel. Going from 9 hours to 6 hours without changing hardware is impressive! But it really sucks when I can’t reproduce a customer bug in Windows or quickly do a Linux build until the entire job is over because VMWare just won’t run unless I reboot. Only a few apps I use are still 32-bit (all Adobe stuff), but at least they still RUN! VMWare doesn’t just run with lesser bit-ness. It DOESN’T WORK AT ALL!
    I’ve been giving serious thought to just buying a few cheap Dell boxes and a KVM switch.
    I understand that it will take some time to get it right, but we need visibility, and a somewhat accessible beta program for your paying customers. If I knew VMWare would have something by the end of the year, I could hang on. If I knew you were aiming for mid-next year, I’d buy a few $199 Dell’s.
    As closely as you guys work with Apple, I was expecting you to be ready with a native 64-bit solution on day one of SL’s release. Surely you must’ve considered that it would be a good thing to say “we’ve got it covered” instead of giving your customers a spiel about why they may not need what they think they need.
    Everybody in the real world is thinking VMWare saw this coming and they just blew it.

  71. Jon, and John: Thanks for your helpful posts. You answered many questions I didn’t even know I had.
    Onward to SL with VMFusion 2.0.5.

  72. Well I installed Snow and YES the default is 64 bit. And Yes the only application that runs worse under snow is VMWARE. It was pretty bad before but now its painfully slow. Instead of releasing excuses I suggest you FIX IT !

  73. I just downloaded VMware Fusion. I also downloaded a torrent of windows XP home edition. How do i install the windows without a cd?

  74. I have 10.6.1 and Fusion to run both my home and work PC builds and generally everything is ok – however one thing does seem to have changed – I’ve noticed the mouse keeps coming ‘unstuck’ from the PC environment almost like the MAC is stealing it back…. anyone noticed this?

  75. Ok, so I have installed 2.0.5 on 10.6 and have run into a problem with a new vista VM I created after the the upgrades. I can increase the size of the hard drive in the fusion settings, but its not recognized by Vista. Also, once the disk space has been applied in fusion I can not revert to a different size –instead fusion crashes in flames. Please help.

  76. How do I report a bug – I think a bug – with Fusion & snow leopard? Fusion is seeing a key that leopard should have eaten
    situation: fusion vm running full screen in a space, use command-arrow to move between mac space and vm space. next key uses the command with the key, real nasty if the key you type is q because it quits (or tries to quit) fusion
    It is otherwise working fine but this is challenging… probably a Mac bug…

  77. VMWare, it’s time to tell your loyal customers what the plan is for a release that supports 10.6. The good news is that Fusion sort of works on 10.6. The bad news is that it’s slow and the pointer works in strange ways. Those of us who use a Mac at work and need Windows to get our job done need to know. If it’s 3 months from now, it’s 3 months from now. Just let us know.

  78. I can only say that VMWare 2.0.5 worked fine with Leopard and that performance is a total mess since I upgraded to SnowLeopard. I have an XP SP3 virtual machine, tried to run Dragon Naturally speaking which worked not super but o.k. before the upgrade and is a complete mess now (you click on something in Windows and nothing happens for almost minutes). I’m rather upset I’d say – the VM is completely unusable. I’d be grateful for some info when there’s going to be an update that will fix this mess.

  79. Hi Guys
    Running mvware for a very happy 2 years and just installed Snow Leapord and my windows scene expolded Thanks Dennis Caldwell

  80. I am running 2.0.5, just installed Snow Leopard and now experiencing bug with 3D graphics…can no longer play Civ IV in my XP VM 🙁

  81. I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard and now my VMWare Fusion is running incredibly slowly. ‘Experimental’ is one would you could use. ‘Unusable’ would be another. What’s the plan for an update?

  82. I was more than just a bit disappointed to find that VMware Fusion for Mac won’t run at all when I boot the 64bit Kernel on Snow Leopard.
    64 bit is where the computing world is heading so it would be so cool if you could publish a road map for this. I will buy up yours or your competitor’s software as soon as an update for 64 bit computing is released!

  83. I am very newbie with VMs (cool stuff) and hardly profess to understand these things much, but initially, in my limited experience, it seems VMWare Fusion 2.0.5 is not compatible with Snow Leopard, in that I get screen artefacts when I try to browse to open a VM (the browse window will not dismiss). I am opening from a network share, but regardless, this behaviour did not occur in Leopard. FYI.

  84. I am running WIn7 x64 on Fusion 2.05 on SL on the Macbook Pro 3GHZ with 8GB RAM and SSD. It runs very well and perhaps the fastest windows application performance I have seen. Ran an IOMeter test and got 16K IOPS with 4K block read test – that’s faster than I have every seen. It’s a pleasure using the combination of products.

  85. Snow leopard seems to have problems in 32 bit kernel with many of the programs closing unexpectedly. Fusion seems to close sometimes when I am changing vm settings.
    The only way I can work with out problems is with the 64 bit kernel but I cannot use Fusion 2.0.5. Is there anyway to get Fusion to work with the 64 bit kernel.
    Currently I am having to remote into test computers in order to test Windows 7 with our site licensed software.

  86. Hello!
    i am very pleased with VMWARE Fusion on Mac OS X; but the software because it’S virtualisation software shlould work in every operation mode of the guest OS;
    i am simply disappointed!

  87. There is a work around to force ALL Mac with EFI64 booting 64bit kernel.
    So It’s time for vmware to issue a new version supporting 64bit kernel, isn’t it?

  88. I appreciate all the enthusiasm and so forth but there are some people who want to know simply when will a release of Fusion be available that officially supports 10.6. For those who use it as part of their livelihood, fusion may be the gating item for switching to 10.6.

  89. Sorry, this is a non-event. Parallels is already supporting a 64 bit kernel. This announcement should be announcing experimental support for Snow Leopard’s 64 bit kernal, not the 32 bit kernel. I guess this means I need to go to Parellels Desktop!

  90. I have been using VM Ware Fusion for Mac successfully for 2 years. And then Snow Leopard came along. I have been experiencing problems running Fusion, both on my iMac and on my MacBook Pro. The VM runs slower and sometimes hangs. I often lose my mouse pointer when I am in full screen mode, and the only way to get it back is to take Fusion out of full screen mode. Unity mode runs slower as well. I am disappointed in the performance of Fusion with Snow Leopard and hope that these problems can be addressed soon.

  91. Virtual Box is a 64 bit application that runs with the 64 bit kernel and it’s free! Running a 64bit kernel is noticeably quicker. VM Fusion 2.0.5 is still a 32 bit application.
    Why can’t VM get their act together? There’s been plenty of notice given by Apple about changes in 10.6.
    VM Ware has just lost a customer.

  92. I use SL in 64 bits kernel mode. NO WAY BACK to 32 bits.
    I am VERY disappointed with VMARE for not releasing a version working with SL 64 bits (the same for Nvidia CUDA drivers).
    I already bought Parallels 4 which works GREAT with Windows 7, ALL IN 64 bits (including SL kernel).
    Unfortunately, Parallels is behind Vmware in Linux support.
    Oh miserable virtual machine applications…

  93. I Suggest you look at Parallels! VT without reboot in 32 or 64 bit options.
    I dont care, if your early version of 2.05/2.06 is VT at 32 bits I just need to switch seamlessly regardless!
    It would be easy enough to make 64 bit kernel calls for a 32 bit emulation after all that is what we pay you for!
    Boot Camp is not a VMware cost effective option. Also Windows 7 is pushing you guys out on a limb also.
    Please try and keep up with the technology that is out here. We do as consumers!

  94. I recently upgraded my iMac from 10.5.8 to 10.6.1. VMware also upgraded Fusion from 2.0.5 to 2.0.6. After the upgrade, I can not connect to the Internet (worked fine previously). I get an error message pop-up: “could not open /dev/vmnet1: No such file or directory. Virtual device Ethernet0 will start disconnected.” I tried reconfiguring the Network Settings options, but as soon as I did, I got the same error pop-up.

  95. I am a real amateur and run only a genealogy program (Family Tree Maker) and Adobe Acrobat on VMWare. It is as slow as a snail since I installed Snow Leopard. Totally frustrating

  96. if only server require 64 bit, and other only 32 bit, why when you installed snow leopard to macbook pro, and IF VMware is running on 32 bit, why the macbook pro run too damn slow after snow leopard installed?
    What is the advantage of waiting for VMware to release 64 bit, and make the VMware/Windows XP run faster on Macbook Pro
    Please educated me….

  97. I’ve heard there are some wildlife groups trying to get Apple to do more stuff with the actual S.L.’s lol. I don’t know- people are saying it’s good PR for Apple- they should jump on that.

  98. I have VMware fusion Version 3.0.0 (204229)
    When I downloaded snow leopard I could no longer load video files. An error msv-fw 32 dll comes up.
    I cannot find a solution.

  99. I am trying to udate my fusion but cant seem to find the download. I have version 2 ND AM HAVING TROUBLE WITH boot cam and snow leoard working with the fusion, which I never had roblems with before. According to Forums, I need this udate but can only find “ugrade to 3.” which I am not interested in buying this rogram again. lease advise

  100. PLZ HELP!
    i got fusion 2.05 and i put on snow leopard and now its reallly slow!!!! its not the computer its something else, maybe its that my xp is like a 16bit or something im not sure?!
    Also how do you make a fusion shared accros mac accounts??
    plz help

  101. I just updated to the latest VMWare fusion and now my SL64 is crawling. Killing the VMWare Fusion Helper process returns it to normal operation.

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