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Fusion 12.2 Now Available

The Desktop Hypervisor team at VMware is happy to announce the release of the latest update to Fusion 12, with changes to support macOS Monterey hosts, fixes for some persistent bugs, as well as improvements to the security and management of Fusion at scale.

To update, just select ‘Check for Updates’ in the VMware Fusion menu in the Menu Bar. You can also download it from your MyVMware account, or by accessing this direct link:

This update is provided to users on macOS 11 Big Sur and later, and extends the “general support” period of Fusion 12 Pro and Fusion 12 Player to December 2022, meaning we will continue to provide updates which include features, bugfixes and security enhancements.

We’ve been testing and have made some early minor enhancements to prepare for a more official Windows 11 support rollout in the near future. While we are not delivering a “proper” Windows 11 Guest OS type in this release, we have added to the Windows 10 Guest OS type (Now “Windows 10 and Later”) which provide a smooth transition to Windows 11 for existing users as well as supporting new installations from ISO.

Users can expect that on Intel Macs Windows 11 will work with VMware Tools 11.3.5 support, and currently passes the compatibility checks when appropriate configuration is applied to meet the minimum W11 requirements.

We’re also shipping a currently-experimental vTPM device that boasts a reduced performance impact by employing a new encryption model, as well as several new options for managing Fusion and Workstation installations at scale.

To use this experimental device, just add the following to your Windows 11 (or whatever) .vmx config file and restart Fusion:


This replaces the need to do full-VM encryption, which we expect users to notice a happy performance increase for use cases that require a VTPM

For Fusion on Apple silicon, we continue to support our Public Tech Preview which lets users run Linux and BSD aarch64 operating systems with incredible performance, and we’ll continue do so into the new year. More and more distributions now shipping Open VM Tools and Linux 5.14 kernel to deliver a happy user experience right out of the box.

Release Notes:

To update, just select ‘Check for Updates’ in the VMware Fusion menu in the Menu Bar.