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Announcement: VMware Fusion for Apple silicon Public Tech Preview Now Available

It is with great pride and pleasure that we announce the public availability of VMware Fusion for Apple Silicon Public Tech Preview!

With more than a year in development, and a few weeks of a successful Private Tech Preview, it’s finally time for us to show the world what we’ve been working on.

Download Fusion for Apple Silicon Now

To deliver Fusion for Apple Silicon devices we’ve had to re-evaluate every part of the Fusion technology stack. The scope and scale of this undertaking should not be understated, and the success of this project has been the result of a massive ongoing collaboration from many internal teams working together, entirely remotely as we do in this day in age.

We’re going to be keeping the Public Tech Preview active for at least the rest of this year and likely into spring, and so we won’t be pulling in these changes into our fall release, which means Fusion on Apple silicon is effectively FREE for all users for the time being.

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Fusion and Workstation Fall Release Update

We also wanted to take the opportunity, since we’re so close to VMworld which has a bit of a different schedule this year, is to let folks know that we won’t be releasing a “paid upgrade” for either Fusion or Workstation this year as we often have. Instead we will continue to invest in the current shipping versions, and will extend their support periods until December 2022, with new updates starting in October.



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  1. Michael,
    Will VMware Fusion 12 Pro able to run Windows 2016 Standard (as RDP Server)?

    p.s. You should write another book!

    1. I don’t see why not, Win2016 is a supported guest OS type (on x86).

      p.s. Thanks! If I could only find the time… I’d like to tho =)

    1. Yes, either by installing it from the distribution (i.e. Ubuntu: apt-get install open-vm-tools && apt-get install open-vm-tools-desktop), or by building it from source (it is open source after all)

  2. Windows 10 x86 is a requirement for me, as I have to use company-provided build images to test on. If x86 Windows can never be run, I have to hang on to my i9 equipped MacBookPro indefinitely —or— the less preferred option of using the RDP Mac client to remote into a Windows workstation running VMWare there to access the company images. While a workable solution, it’s not as desirable or efficient for me and requires maintaining a second expensively powerful machine. I realize that running x86 VMs requires both VMWare’s engineering effort AND Microsoft’s willingness to license in order to make it happen. And there are all the potential bottlenecks of emulation involved. But for some of us, this means a lot and we’re willing to pay for it. (Within reason!)

  3. This might be a little off-topic but can we redesign the app icon to match Big Sur interface guidelines? Fusion is the only app left on my dock whose icon hasn’t been updated yet

  4. This might be a little off-topic but can we redesign the app icon to match Big Sur’s interface guidelines? Fusion is the only app left on my dock whose icon hasn’t been updated yet

  5. Hello
    I installed with the iso(arm64) file for the m1 of the Kali operating system. But vmware-tools is not working. Although it seems to be installed, file copy and screen parts do not work. Will there be any improvement on vmware tools?

    1. I have the same problem. Tried to set it with apg-get as the menu item is always grayed out.
      Did you find out how to do it?

  6. I installed Windows 11 ARM after a lot of effort. But I couldn’t install vmware-tools. When will vmware-tools support for Windows/Linux come?
    Also, will the virtual machines that we created with intel architecture be able to import to m1 processors or will it be supported?

  7. I can’t run any ova files. Every time I try and import it I get “could not probe: failed to launch helper process” What needs to be done?

  8. It’s nice that you support Apple Silicon, but whats going on with the broken nat functionality on big sur? Having VMs without internet access when VPN is active (which is active all the time in the home office) is useless and this bug hasn’t been fixed since the big sur release.

  9. kali linux seems as tho it cant recognize the gpu in the m1 macbook in vmware fusion, resolution stuck at 1280 x 720, xrandr not working for custom resolution. any suggestions?

  10. I am really enjoying the public beta, however I am wondering if there will be more support tools for NetBSD…

    To create a NetBSD guest, I had to download the bootable image and use emu-img to resize and convert the raw image to a vodka before I could import it and boot. It would be nice if there were a method to import bootable images without having to rely on external tools…

    1. Nice spellcheck! emu-img should be “qemu-img”, and as much as I would have liked to turn bits into vodka, I converted the raw image to a “vmdk”

  11. Trying to Creating a Vagrant box with Packer for Vmware-Fusion, for exemple “Ubuntu 64-bit Arm” that type is not recognized by Fusion, although is onde of the types listed in the dropdown. I Manager to crente the VM manually from an ISO, and then modify it for a Vagrant box with Packer successfuly. However, Wien trying to create a VM with Vagrant from that box, Vagrant vives an error stating that the box in for vmware_desktop, not for vmware_fusion.
    Additionally, the Vagrant-vmware-utility for macOS does not recognize that Vmware Fusion is running.
    Really frustrating.

  12. I can’t run any ova files. Every time I try and import it I get “could not probe: failed to launch helper process” What needs to be done?

  13. When will fusion work with MacBook pro with M1 chip?
    I am not able to start a windows 10 virtual machine. The migrate your pc option fails to.

  14. Will I be able to run Linux x86 VMs on M1 Macs with this product? I need to use software that is only available on x86 Linux in my daily work.

  15. Will VMware fusion support X86 architecture OS and X86 OS image on Mac M1 Chip?

    I look forward to using VMware fusion once the product is ready for the above.


  16. It is a true disappointment that VMware Fusion has no way to support guest OS that need x86_64 given how powerful the next generations of Apple MacBook Pros release. Unable to leverage the high core counts and RAMs for system applications testing.

    I guess I will be holding my current MacBook Pro for sometime until a more feasible replacement comes.

  17. I dont think vmware or any other vendor will ever support x86 guest OSs on Apple M1. But you can run x86 windows apps on Windows Arm. They now have a rosetta2 like emulation layer. But obviously there’s a performance hit. But usable.

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