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I’ve been looking for a blogging tool to help with this blog for a while now.  No offense to TypePad, but their online tool was a little tough on me.  Some of the Team Fusion bloggers, like Ben Gertzfield, Regis Duchesne, and Shawn Morel swear by Red Sweater’s Mars Edit. 

As I’ve pointed out in the past, for good or for bad, I, like fellow Fusion user Danny Sullivan, am a Windows user, living on Mac hardware thanks to VMware Fusion.  But for me, as someone who has too much stuff going on, and doesn’t have a heckuva lot of time to go up a new learning curve, there’s value in how certain Windows apps on VMware Fusion “just work” for me, from a UI standpoint (i.e. Windows UI cues have been burned into my reptile brain).

Windows Live Writer seems to be like that for me.  After having blogged a couple times about some of our users who are using Live Writer on Mac in a Windows virtual machine under VMware Fusion, I thought I’d give it a spin, in my own Windows XP VM.

So far, I’m loving it.  I’m a big fan of WYSIWIG, and Live Writer feels like a web-enabled version of Word, with some blogging stuff thrown on top.

I had a little fun with the screen shot above, in a moment of Friday morning geekiness, iterating the screen cap a couple times, so we could get a screen cap in a screen cap in a screen cap.  Enjoy!



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  1. Is that an official, available Fusion desktop background? Parallels makes a nice orange one. You guys should have some Fusion wallpapers available for download.

  2. I will switch from a Windows laptop to a Mac in a couple of days. The thing that is worrying me is to lose Windows Live Writer (the best tool for bloggers) and HyperSnap (when I test software, I need a powerful screen capture, HyperSnap is ultimate – I satisfied with an older version). I knew you can run virtual machine. I am glad to know it is not hard to do. Anyway, I will let my tech guy decided what is the best option for me.

  3. errrrahhhhhh
    how r u doing this??
    how do u run windows live writer on mac??
    (i hv no idea wotsoever a vmware fusion and unity mode is…)
    i hv recently switched to a mac and im looking for a good blogging tool ever since. but all the ones i could find didnt even look close to windows live writer…so i really need to know how u r running it in mac.
    help please~!

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