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Fusion Faces Updated: Danny Sullivan Can’t Stop Raving About VMware Fusion

I got all goofy and doe-eyed last week when blogging about how one of my favorite bloggers, Danny Sullivan, was switching to the Mac with VMware Fusion.

Well, I’m here to revisit my previous fan boy paroxysms, because Danny has posted again regarding, and I quote, "My Mac & Windows Under VMware – Awesome!"

I couldn’t write these headlines better myself!  This is fantastic.  It’s so awesome to see these guys trumpeting their success with VMware Fusion.  It’s like Danny and Scoble are having a contest.  Scoble’s "VMware Rocks" was pretty good, but Danny mentions Windows on Mac in his title…so he might have the lead.

What really make me happy is the fact that Danny’s situation is really like mine: he’s a Windows user through and through, making his way in a Mac world, using VMware Fusion as his security blanket. 

We say this all the time, that a Windows virtual machine, running on the Mac with VMware Fusion, is the perfect security blanket.  But Danny actually said this himself, "So I’m on the Mac but not really using the Mac side much. I’m sure I’ll get
there. I actually do want to get there. But having Windows is a great security
blanket, not to mention it’s fast and stable."

Like my setup at work, Danny pretty much lives all day in a Windows VM, in an external monitor, popping into Mac OS X here and there when feeling brave.  (for example, this blog post is being written in Windows Live Writer in my Windows VM, running on my MacBook Pro with VMware Fusion).

As Danny puts it, "It works so well. I can’t say it enough. Right now, I’m using my widescreen
external monitor to run the Windows virtual machine. I only remember I’m using a
Mac when I forget about the stupid new keyboard shortcuts or the lack of a Del
key (more on all this later; yes, I know, fn-delete and there are remapping
tools). Down below, it’s Mac city — where I’m mainly running Firefox so far."

3 thoughts on “Fusion Faces Updated: Danny Sullivan Can’t Stop Raving About VMware Fusion

  1. Danny Sullivan

    Hey Peter — had no idea I had a fan at VMware! Like I said in the post, it really is sweet. Congrats on such a great product!

  2. Jeff Miller

    When my Vista PC died two weeks ago it didn’t upset me much. I had already bought Fusion and so new I can run everything I needed on my iMac.
    The irony is that I am a professional windows developer and I make my living using Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. I coudn’t be more pleased at how well these programs run in a virtual machine and I have zero complaints about the speed. What a great product. Though I will be really happy when multi-monitor support is added.

  3. Coach Alexander

    The article seems interesting and I wanted to learn more about VMware Fusion but link seems dead. However for starters, I have practically all my life been using windows however, there was one little problem that made me switch to Mac. I would like to learn more about the VMware fusion even though this article is old


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