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Fusion Faces: Robert Scoble Switches to Fusion

Wonderful surprise in the Google Alerts this morning: apparently Robert Scoble, self-described "tech geek blogger" has switched over to VMware Fusion for running Windows on Mac

In a post on his blog, he talks about how his technical friends had recommended it to him based on some instability and crashing issues he had been having previously. 

Based on his post, it seems like he’s pretty happy.  And that makes us happy.

He joins the growing ranks of tech pundits and Mac heads who have switched to VMware Fusion, like the folks at Lifehacker,  some of the guys at TUAW, and Chris Pirillo, not to mention tens of thousands of VMware Fusion users like you.

So if you’re thinking of switching to VMware Fusion to help you run Windows on a Mac, there’s no better time.

1. Through June we’re running a $30 competitive upgrade rebate, for Parallels Desktop and Virtual PC users (and if you’re new to virtualization, fear not, there’s always our standard $20 rebate. The rebate are mutually exclusive, of course!)

2. VMware Importer Beta 2 is available for moving both Virtual PC 7 and Parallels-based virtual machines over to run with VMware Fusion/

and best of all

3. VMware Fusion is free to try for a fully-featured 30-day free trial.

2 thoughts on “Fusion Faces: Robert Scoble Switches to Fusion

  1. Tim Steele

    I love the VMWare Fusion. The only problem I have is that it has been 6 months and many attempts to VMWare inquiring about my $20 rebate from when it was introduced. I have still not received the rebate and VMWare does not respond to emails. I gave up! Just an indication that not all is good at VMWare. They forgot the customers.
    T. Steele


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