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NEW White Paper: DevOps and Agile Development – A VMware Field Perspective

DevOps is both a hot topic and an overused term today, leading to an endless stream of contradicting definitions and confusion. Is it a technology? An organizational construct? A combination of the two? It depends on who you ask.

This white paper, written by three VMware DevOps experts, Kevin Lees, John Gardner, and Peg Eaton, is an attempt to provide guidance in this new field, shaped by their extensive experience enabling agile software development and infrastructure delivery for customers across the globe.


Inside you will find:

Key Concepts

What’s the difference between continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment? How does VMware describe the “shift to the left” and what does that mean for I&O? Gain a foundational understanding of the key definitions, guiding principles, and infrastructure & operations and developer implications of DevOps from the perspective of VMware.


Delivery Pipeline and Agile Processes

Learn more about the complex collaboration needed between software developers and IT operations. Explore how DevOps directly affects the software delivery process through the application of agile principles and the utilization of tools and techniques that support a continuous delivery pipeline.


Team Models and Evolving in the Enterprise

This new model for application development does not come without challenges – knowledgeable professionals discuss the key roles and organizational cultural shift required for teams to function, as well as the ideal end state of a DevOps team, the more accessible concession model of “DevOps as a Service,” and how to evolve these models within the enterprise.


Read the full white paper here: DevOps and Agile Development, A VMware Field Perspective


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