5 Security and Networking Sessions at VMware Explore Europe 2022 You Can’t Miss

The number of technological developments, data protection standards, and security threats have continued to grow over the last two years. VMware strives to provide your enterprise with the tools and knowledge you need to evolve your multi-cloud environment, bolster your security, and provide you with the network visibility you need to claim victory on the lateral security battlefield. 

With that in mind, we’ve put together a top five list of the highest priority networking and security sessions at VMware Explore Europe 2022. You won’t want to miss these valuable learning opportunities. 


1. Advances in Networking and Security for Multi-Cloud

How have we fared as an industry in becoming the disruptors and not the disrupted amid geopolitical forces, a hybrid workforce, and increasing ransomware? Join Tom Gillis as he shares insights on the new areas of disruption in security and networking. We need to think beyond the perimeter and the endpoint to clouds, containers, APIs and everything in between to win the battle. Learn how VMware uniquely delivers this for our customers. 

When and Where: Wednesday, Nov 9th | 09:00 – 10:00 CET 


Tom Gillis, SVP/GM, NSBU, VMware 

Scott Lundgren, CTO, VMware 

Roberto Mari, Sr. Director and Lead Technologist, VMware 

Pauline Flament, Michelin 

2. Multi-Cloud Networking and Security with NSX

Many enterprise IT organizations today have both multi-cloud and multi-site deployments to support their workloads and applications. These companies wish to have a common management solution to configure networking and set security policy across all of their workloads, regardless of location. In this session, we will share exciting new developments that allow customers to connect and protect any workload in any location using a multi-cloud VMware NSX solution delivered in a software-as-a-service format. 

When and Where:

  • Tuesday, 8 Nov 14:00 – 15:00 CET
  • Wednesday, 9 Nov 15:00 – 16:00 CET 


Umesh Mahajan, SVP/GM NSBU, VMware 

Srini Nimmagadda, Sr Director, Product Management, VMware

3. Enforcing a Strong Zero Trust Ransomware Defense

The modern digital enterprise is highly distributed with a remote workforce, multi-cloud infrastructure, and modern app architectures. Bolted-on security tools only create complexity and are not designed to move at the speed of business. VMware’s broad security portfolio delivers more effective security that’s easy to operationalize and leverages our intrinsic advantage. VMware’s Zero Trust approach empowers customers and is a key differentiator for our multi-cloud, modern apps, and Anywhere Workspace platforms. 

When and Where: Wednesday, Nov 9th | 12:00 – 13:00 CET 


Ambika Kapur, VP Networking and Advanced Security Business Group, VMware 

Ian McKinnon, NSX Product Owner, Natwest Group

Chad Skipper, Global Security Technologist, VMware

4. Defining XDR with Forrester and the XDR Alliance

Today’s cyberattacks are successful because an attacker’s activity is obscured. Bad actors lurk between the cracks of IT and IT security technology silos and workflows. When no one in the enterprise can see the big picture or make a data-driven enforcement decision, the attackers continue to persist in breaching our defenses. To combat these vulnerabilities, industries have begun to adopt extended detection and response (XDR). Attend this panel discussion with Forrester to learn about XDR and how it can help improve your operations. 

When and Where: Wednesday, Nov 10th | 13:30 – 14:30 CET 


Christopher Kruegel, VP Security Services, VMware 

Jason Rolleston, Vice President, Product Management, VMware 

Allie Mellen, Senior Analyst, Forrester 

Gorka Sedowski, Chief Strategy Officer, Exabeam 

5. Connect, Secure, Scale, and Operate Modern Apps Anywhere

This session will cover strategies and solutions for hardening Kubernetes environments, protecting users, and keeping your data secure. We will also discuss how to leverage the VMware Modern App Connectivity Bundle to: • Protect users, apps and sensitive data for compliance • Secure all user-to-app communications • Secure communication in real time between every service with API security • Improve operational agility and streamline DevSecOps collaboration across multi-cloud environments 

When and Where: Thursday, Nov 10th | 09:00 – 10:00 CET 


Pere Monclus, CTO NSBU, VMware 

Niran Evenchen, Sr. Product Line Manager – Tanzu Service Mesh, VMware

And finally, have you heard of the Security Mindset Program? 

We invite you to join us on November 7th as we examine this in more detail in “The Security Mindset” program at VMware Explore. Join us to explore what building a security mindset can mean for you, and then take part in our War Room scenario for an entertaining look at enterprise security operations and how vSphere engineers and developers can have a critical seat at the table.   

We will delve into:   

  • How changing the way you think about security can drastically change your own personal career journey  
  • Examples and perspectives from people who have successfully transitioned to security from typical IT roles or other non-standard paths  
  • A Day in the Life of a Cross-Functional Security War Room – where you’ll take a front row seat as a fictional company gets breached, and how a cross-functional infrastructure team pulls together to break down the anatomy of the attack in a search to analyze the impact and determine root cause. 

We will wrap the day with the War Room coming together in a blameless retro highlighting best practices, tools, and techniques for creating a cohesive enterprise security approach, and revisit the necessity of shifting your mindset toward sharing the load of enterprise security without jeopardizing job roles and responsibilities. 

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