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Running latency-sensitive applications on vSphere


For those of us interested in running latency-sensitive applications on vSphere, Bhavesh Davda, from the CTO's office, has created a comprehensive guide for tuning vSphere for such applications.  Some of the tuning options are very familiar to those working with low-latency applications, e.g., interrupt coalescing settings, and some of them are relatively obscure vSphere specific Read more...

Performance and Use Cases of VMware DirectPath I/O for Networking


Summary VMware DirectPath I/O is a technology, available from vSphere 4.0 and higher that leverages hardware support (Intel VT-d and AMD-Vi) to allow guests to directly access hardware devices. In the case of networking, a VM with DirectPath I/O can directly access the physical NIC instead of using an emulated (vlance, e1000) or a para-virtualized Read more...