Extreme Performance Series 2022 Video Blogs

For many years at VMworld, a special sub-track of sessions called the “Extreme Performance Series” has focused on deep dive performance topics.   In 2021 we started a video blog series by many of the same performance experts.  This is the new series for VMware Explore in 2022!  This series of video blogs will be released during VMware Explore and the following weeks. Links to the entire series for 2022 will be kept here for easy access.

Key Learnings From Multi-Cloud Hands on Labs Environment – Monday 8/29/22

vSphere Multi-Cloud for Enterprise Applications Performance  – Monday 8/29/22

Project Monterrey and SmartNIC Network Offload – Tuesday 8/30/22

Software Based Transparent Memory Tiering Technology Prototype – Wednesday 8/31/22

Time Sliced vGPU vs MIG vGPU Performance – Wednesday 8/31/22

Using Machine Learning to Detect Video Quality – Wednesday 8/31/22

SAP HANA 8-Socket Performance – Thursday 9/1/22

Oracle on vSphere Performance – Thursday 9/1/22

A few more will be added in the next few weeks……

Each video blog will have included links to additional related information.  This blog post will be updated as each new video blog becomes available.



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