Extreme Performance Video Blog Series

For many years at VMworld, a special sub-track of sessions called the “Extreme Performance Series” has focused on deep dive performance topics. The Extreme Performance Series now includes video blogs by many of the same performance experts from the VMworld sessions.  This series of video blogs will be released over the coming weeks. Links to the entire series will be kept here for easy access. 

Monster Database Virtual Machines – Released 9/29

Understanding the Virtual Network Stack – Released 10/1

Scheduler Enhancements in 7.0 u2 for AMD EPYC – Released 10/12

vMotion Performance Enhancements for 7.0 u2 – Released 10/14

Sustainable Computing and Host Cache – Released 10/19

Accelerating Oracle Workloads on VMware Hybrid Clouds – Released 10/21

SAP Hana on vSAN Advances – Released 10/26

Latency Sensitivity Improvements in 7.0u3 for Real Time Apps – Released 10/28

Tanzu Load Balancer Enhancements and Best-Effort TKG Nodes for Max Utilization – Released 11/2

vGPU and Machine Learning Three Part Series

Performance Analysis and Scaling the Hands on Labs with Multi Clouds – Released 11/16 

vCenter Concurrency – Released 2/3/22

First TPCx-HCI Benchmark Published – Released 2/8/22

In addition to the video, each blog has additional resources linked for more in depth and associated information.


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