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  • Oracle on VMware Support Policy changes Oct 9, 2019 – Metalink Note 249212.1

    9월 중순에 오라클 오픈월드에서 발표된 Oracle – VMware 간의 파트너쉽 확장의 일환으로, VMware 환경에서 오라클 제품을 사용하는 경우 Oracle 에서 공식적으로 지원을 하기로 하였습니다. 관련하여 Oracle Support Policy 가 다음과 같이 업데이트 되었습니다. (오라클 문서번호 249212.1)   기존 정책과 대비해보면 변화된 부분을 쉽게 알 수 있습니다.   기존 (Oracle 의 이슈임을 증명할 수 있[...]
    Blog Name: Author: Byounghee
    Published on 2019-10-13 | Time 15:31:03
  • Blog Name: Victor Virtualization Author: Victor Wu
    Published on 2019-10-12 | Time 05:37:16
  • Windows 10 PowerShell: ¿Qué versión de sistema operativo tengo?

    En el laboratorio de hoy, vamos a ver como podemos averiguar la versión de sistema operativo Windows 10 que tenemos instalada en nuestro equipo usando la Windows PowerShell. También, podéis acceder al canal de YouTube de, donde encontrareis un vídeo tutorial en veremos como averiguar qué versión de sistema operativo tenemos instalada. Podéis acceder y suscribiros al
    Blog Name:
    Published on 2019-10-12 | Time 22:00:04
  • Objective 4.6 – Deploy and configure VMware vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA)

    Merhaba, VCP-DCV Study Guide makale serimizin bu bölümünde VMware vCenter Server Appliance kurulumu hakkında bilgiler vereceğim. Daha önce yazmış olduğum VCP-DCV Study Guide makale serisine ulaşmak için aşağıdaki linki kullanabilirsiniz. VCP-DCV 2019 Study Guide vSphere 6.7 ‘de vCenter Server’i isterseniz Windows istersenizde VCSA olarak kurabilirsiniz. Ancak Windows vCenter Server’i artık vSphere 6.7 ‘den sonraki versiyonlarda [...]
    Blog Name: Tayfun Degar Author: Tayfun DEĞER
    Published on 2019-10-12 | Time 15:24:41
  • VMware vCenter 6.7 U3 HA Sorunu ve Düzeltmesi (FDM Ajanı Versiyon Uyumsuzluğu)

    Merhaba, Geçen hafta içinde iki farklı kurumda aynı hata ile karşılaşınca yazmak şart oldu diyerek bu dökümanı hazırladım, aynı sorunu yaşayıp çözüm arayanlara yardımcı olurum umudu ile. En son yayınlanan VMware vCenter 6.7 Update3 (14367737) yükseltmesi yaptığımız bir kurumda HA’i bir şekilde kapatılıp yeniden açılmaya çalışıldığında HA kurulamadı, diğer kurumda ise bir fiziksel sunucu bakım… Read More »
    Blog Name: Author: recepyuksel
    Published on 2019-10-12 | Time 09:56:06
  • How to reset the lost or forgotten root password in vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 & 6.7 (2147144)

    Source : VMware KB - Process to Reset the Root Password in VCSA: To reset the lost forgotten root password in vCenter Server Appliance follow the steps below: Take a snapshot or backup of the vCenter Server Appliance before proceeding. Do not skip this step. Reboot the vCenter Server Appliance After the VCSA Photon OS ... Continue Reading How to reset the lost or forgotten root password in vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 & 6.7 (2147144)
    Blog Name: Ginka’s World Author: mginka
    Published on 2019-10-12 | Time 08:05:20
  • Top 50 VMware NSX Interview Questions & Answers

    VMware acquired NSX from Nicira in July 2012 which was primarily being used for network virtualization in a Xen-based hypervisor. NSX abstracts the physical layer (virtualize the network) in such a way that software runs on the top of the hypervisor which is dynamically configured and updated. Currently, NSX has two versions: NSX-T (designed for… Read More »
    Blog Name: My Virtual Journey Author: Nisar Ahmad
    Published on 2019-10-11 | Time 04:54:10
  • VMworld 2019 Europe: Operations Management Sessions

    VMworld 2019 Europe will start the first week of November, and attendees tell us it’s the best place to network, get trained, and have fun!  If you’re attending, we’re excited to welcome you to the conference. To make it easier, here’s a guide so you don’t miss the operations management opportunities throughout the event, including: The post VMworld 2019 Europe: Operations Management Sessions appeared first on VMware Cloud Management.
    Blog Name: Cloud Mgmt Author: Ellie Ruano
    Published on 2019-10-11 | Time 00:56:35
  • How to use VMware Odyssey for your next Game Night Event

    Following our recent VMware Odyssey “Hackathon” at Electronic Arts, we decided to share some guidance and best practices to have some friendly competition at your next team meeting. Prep Work: In order to host a successful VMware Odyssey Competition, make sure you have the following: All participants have a modern laptop / browser with a [...] The post How to use VMware Odyssey for your next Game Night Event appeared first on VMware Hands-On Lab (HOL) Blog.
    Blog Name: Author: reyeso
    Published on 2019-10-11 | Time 22:38:36
  • VMware Assessment Lounge @ VMvillage

    Assessment tools are designed to accelerate your digital transformation by providing tools and processes to evaluate your IT environment and assess readiness for true SDDC or cross-multi cloud. The Assessments Lounge at VMworld Europe will be showcasing our SDDC assessment tools. Learn how to use VMware Assessment Tools to discover, design and optimize your IT environment. We The post VMware Assessment Lounge @ VMvillage appeared first on VMworld Blog.
    Blog Name: VMworld Author: crystalg
    Published on 2019-10-11 | Time 15:59:45
  • VMware Partner Connect Transition Dashboard: Check Your Tier

    Use the Transition Dashboard to see your tier prediction based on your competency achievements. Your company’s designated VMware primary contact is able to assign you access. Reminder, achieving a Master Services Competency in the path most relevant to your business is key to becoming a Principal Partner, the top tier in Partner Connect, offering the [...] The post VMware Partner Connect Transition Dashboard: Check Your Tier appeared first on Partner News.
    Blog Name: Partner News Author: The VMware Partner Network Team
    Published on 2019-10-11 | Time 15:26:23
  • VMware Disaster Recovery to Azure Step-by-Step – Part 1

    In the following articles, I will provide step-by-step guide to implement Azure Site Recovery to use Azure for Disaster Recovery. Prepare Azure Create a Recovery Services vault In the Azure portal, click +Create a resource, and search the Marketplace for Recovery. Click Backup and Site Recovery, and in the Backup and Site Recovery page, click Create. In Recovery Services vault > Name, [...] The post VMware Disaster Recovery to Azure Step-by-Step – Part 1 appeared first on .
    Blog Name: Author: arnaud
    Published on 2019-10-11 | Time 14:58:00
  • Site Recovery Manager support for vVols – Tech Preview from VMworld 2019

    Regular readers will be aware that I have been spending a lot of my time on Cloud Native Storage topics these days, whether it is bubbling up how Kubernetes clusters are consuming vSphere storage through our new CNS feature in vSphere 6.7U3, or using Velero to do lots of things like backups/restores/application mobility. However something I have been passionate about for quite a number of years now is our Virtual Volumes (vVols) feature. And while it has been rather quiet over the past couple of[...]
    Blog Name: Author: Cormac
    Published on 2019-10-11 | Time 13:00:41
  • Runecast: Instalación del plugin de Runecast para vSphere Client (HTML5 Client)

    Saludos amigos, el otro día os hable sobre Runecast, una herramienta muy útil para conocer el estado de la seguridad de nuestro entorno, saber si… The post Runecast: Instalación del plugin de Runecast para vSphere Client (HTML5 Client) appeared first on El Blog de Jorge de la Cruz.
    Blog Name: The Blog of Jorge de la Cruz Author: Jorge de la Cruz
    Published on 2019-10-11 | Time 07:15:20
  • Deploying NSX-T Based Workload Domain in VMware Cloud Foundation

    In this post I will walk through steps of deploying a VI workload domain based on NSX-T. Note: We canRead more »
    Blog Name: Author: Manish Jha
    Published on 2019-10-10 | Time 05:33:08