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NSX Sessions for the Geeks at VMworld 2017


This year at VMworld 2017 we have a great agenda full of highly technical sessions around NSX.  Over the past few years NSX has expanded to meet a variety of use cases as our Content Catalog clearly shows. Based on the project your working on today, check out our recommendations for the best technical sessions Read more...

VMware NSX Reference Design Guide Update


The VMware NSX reference design guide has been a trusted source for NSX implementers to ensure a smooth and successful deployment. The NSX design guide has been incorporated as a baseline in industry recognized and validated architectures such as VCE VxBlock, Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud and the VMware Validated Designs. We are introducing a new updated version Read more...

Cross vCenter Networking & Security with VMware NSX


NSX 6.2 was released on August 20, 2015. One of the key features in NSX 6.2 is Cross vCenter Networking and Security. This new capability scales NSX vSphere across vCenter boundaries. Now, one can span logical networking and security constructs across vCenter boundaries irrespective of whether the vCenters are in adjacent racks or across datacenters Read more...