This year at VMworld 2017 we have a great agenda full of highly technical sessions around NSX.  Over the past few years NSX has expanded to meet a variety of use cases as our Content Catalog clearly shows. Based on the project your working on today, check out our recommendations for the best technical sessions for these specific NSX use cases:

  1. General overview sessions
  2. Security
  3. NSX & Cloud Native Apps
  4. Application Continuity
  5. Automation
  6. Design & Architecture

General NSX Sessions:

TS7003KU: Transforming Networking and Security for the Digital Era

Speakers: Milin Desai, Tom Corn and 3 customers

At a time when changes to technology are coming at us at a fast pace, how do customers meet and exceed business expectations? This session will focus on how customers are on their SDDC journey in context of network and security. Through the lens of the customer we will share what drives adoption, technology updates, team dynamics and becoming part of the overall business success.

NET3282BU: The NSX Practical Path

Speakers: Nikhil Kelshikar, Ron Fuller

We will share how customers have found value with NSX by getting started with one of the use cases around Security, Automation or App continuity. We will show demos of how one can create a security perimeter in a few simple steps, leveraging APIs and tools to drive automation and extending your network for DR.

NET3283BU: NSX Features Deep Dive

Speakers: Catherine Fan, Nicholas Furman

NSX is feature packed but you don’t need to use everything to realize your use case. We will show you (demos) how NSX features map to use cases. If you are a NSX user, you will learn what more could you be doing with NSX ..


NSX security focused sessions:

NET1932BU: Distributed Networking and Security Services; Deep Dive

Speakers: Jayant Jain, Anirban Sengupta

Hear from the engineers who are developing the product about how distributed services work in NSX. They will talk about why distributed services matter and how we deliver a full stateful services for security and networking.

SAI2803BU: Road to Micro-segmentation with NSX

Speakers: Stijn Vanveerdeeghem, Geoff Wilmington

Stijn and Geoff will walk you through the thought process which goes into create a micro-segmented security policy. We will show you some tools which can drastically reduce the time it takes to get there and makes micro-segmentation easy to implement. You will learn techniques on how NSX can give you full visibility to what is actually happening inside your data center.


NSX & Cloud Native Apps

NET1522BU: Kubernetes Networking with NSX-T Deep Dive

Speakers: Yves Fauser, Yasen Simenov

This session will cover the new and upcoming NSX-T and container networking integration with K8’s. The speakers (Yves and Yasen) will show you how this integration will work and the benefits of the NSX-T for next-gen apps.

NET1523BU: Integrating NSX and Cloud Foundry

Speakers: Sai Chaitanya, Usha Ramachandran (Pivotal)

This session jointly presented by VMware and Pivotal will show how NSX can simplify networking and security deployments for PaaS like Pivotal cloud foundry. We will share some PaaS fundamentals and demo how the integration looks like. You will not want to miss this session.

NSX – Application Continuity Sessions

NET1190BU, NET1191BU – Multi-site Networking with NSX (Part1, Part2)

Speakers: Humair Ahmed, Kent Munson (F5)

We had so much information we had to break this up into two parts to share best practices around multi-site networking and the cross vCenter features. We will be joined by F5 in session part 2 to share how global site load balancing can be used in conjunction with this great NSX functionality

NET1188BU: Disaster Recovery Solutions with NSX

Speakers: Justin Guirdina(CTO, iLand),  Humair Ahmed, Ian Allie (Dell EMC)

Hear from Justin on how iLand implemented DR with NSX. Ian will walk through how we worked to create a DR solution with Recover point and there will be lots of demos!


NSX – Automation Focus

NET2119BU: Bringing the power of PowerCLI to NSX for vSphere

Speakers: Dale Coghlan, Nicholas Bradford

This was one of the highest rated sessions at VMworld last year and you will want to attend to find out why. The session is one big demo with a lot of entertainment and learnings. PowerNSX can show you a whole new dimension of how you can manage and operate your NSX environment and doing tasks in seconds!

NET1853BU: Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Day 2 Automation of NSX for vSphere using vRealize Orchestrator and vRealize Automation

Speakers: Hiral Doshi, Aditya Gokhale

Hiral and Aditya will share what’s new with NSX and VRA Integration. We will introduce the NSX VRO plugins as well for day 2 workflows for automation

NET1338BU: VMware Integrated OpenStack and NSX Integration Deep Dive

Speakers Russ Starr Jr. (Cerner), Marcos Hernandez

Learn how Cerner leverages VIO and NSX for their OpenStack cloud. Marcos, who has helped many customers with this journey will share best practices.


NSX – Design and Architecture

NET1535BU, NET1536BU: Reference Design for SDDC with NSX and vSphere (Part1, Part2)

Speaker: Nimish Desai

This will be another double header session where Nimish will walk us through the NSX reference design. The audience will learn about the design decision points for NSX and the best practices we have learned based on the thousands of NSX deployments.

NET1836BU: NSX-T Advanced Architecture Concepts

Speaker: Francois Tallet

So you know about NSX for vSphere and are wondering what NSX-T platform is like, well you can come hear Francois walk us through the architecture and components of NSX-T.

These are just a handful of the catalog of NSX sessions at VMworld. You can search the session catalog here for more and pick your session of interest.

And wait we have a limited number of swag bags this year which will be given away in every session for attendees by the speakers.

We look forward to meeting you at VMworld!