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VMware SDDC with NSX Expands to AWS


I prior shared this post on the LinkedIN publishing platform and my personal blog at There has been a lot of interest in the VMware Cloud on AWS  (VMC on AWS) service since its announcement and general availability. Writing this brief introductory post, the response  received confirmed the interest and value consumers see in Read more...
Figure 2: VDI with NSX-V Providing for Enhanced Security Services

VMware NSX-V: Security for VxRAIL Hyper-Converged Solutions


Check-out the new white paper on leveraging NSX-V for security within the VxRAIL hyper-converged platform. The paper outlines how VxRAIL hyper-converged solutions leveraging NSX-V for security solves many of the security challenges with traditional silo-based architectures. A brief outline is provided below. Make sure to checkout the white paper for additional details.  Read more...