AWS with NSX-T

VMware Cloud on AWS with NSX-T SDDC – Connectivity, Security, and Port Mirroring Demo


VMware Cloud on AWS with NSX-T SDDC – Networking and Security

Watch the embedded demo below or view on the NSX YouTube channel here to see several cool NSX-T networking and security capabilities within VMware Cloud on AWS. The demo shows connectivity from VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC to on-prem via AWS Direct Connect Private VIF. Access to native AWS services from VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC is also shown. Additionally, Edge security policies, distributed firewall/micro-segmentation, and port mirroring are demonstrated.

For additional info and demonstrations on NSX networking and security in VMware Cloud on AWS see my prior presentations at AWS Re:Invent 2018 and VMworld 2018 at links below.

VMworld 2018: VMware Cloud on AWS with NSX – Use Cases, Design, and Implementation

AWS re:Invent 2018 – Connectivity for VMware Cloud on AWS Software Defined Data Centers

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