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To Cloud or Not to Cloud?


To cloud or not to cloud: that is the question. A critical component of a good cloud strategy is a defined process to determine if a service should be brokered or consumed directly from a public cloud provider, or built out internally as part of a private/hybrid cloud environment. Enterprises need to define the evaluation Read more...
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The Importance of a Cloud Strategy


A clear, unambiguous, and widely-communicated cloud strategy is critical to the successful transformation of an IT organization. The creation and publication of the cloud strategy document serves to align the various teams across an enterprise to a cohesive plan which informs and guides the adoption of cloud services. The creation of a cloud strategy may Read more...

Mature the Delivery of IT Services


Automate like a Service Provider – Part II   In my previous post, we discussed adding automation and self-service provisioning to your existing IT services. In this blog post, I’ll share some suggestions to help make it a reality. Mature the Delivery of IT Services   Step 1: Identify the Service Analyze your ticketing system Read more...

Evolve Your Automation Journey with vRealize Automation Cloud


Automate like a Service Provider – Part I   From IT Operator to IT Service Provider Much of the industry narrative around cloud, positions public cloud services as the solution to bring agility, scale, and flexibility to today’s enterprises. In many cases, the assumption is that these benefits can only be realized through the consumption Read more...