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Onboard Existing Workloads on Cloud Automation Services


This was originally posted here. Visit VMGuru for more content from Dimitri de Swart and Erik Scholten.   Whenever I talk to customers regarding vRealize Automation or Cloud Automation Services the same questions/remarks pop up on how to onboard existing workloads. “This is probably only for green field deployments?!” “Can I use this to manage existing workloads? “What about my existing Read more...

How to Use Remote Access Authentication in your Cloud Assembly Deployments


This was originally posted here. Visit VMGuru for more content from Dimitri de Swart and Erik Scholten.   In the previous post we’ve seen how to setup Cloud Automation Services, how to use Cloud Assembly to create a fully Cloud agnostic blueprint, how to use input variables and how to integrate Cloud Automation Services with Puppet. Now, I’ll discuss how to access Read more...