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Announcing VMware Aria Automation May / 8.12.1 Release

Hi everyone, Welcome to VMware Aria Automation May 8.12.1 release.

Here are some new features we want to share with you!

Ability to re-provision a vSphere machine through day 2 action

Many of our customers probably have already had this experience. When the deployment for a VM failed, it was difficult to rebuild the machine, especially since there are many machines to deploy. To help you overcome this barrier on your multi-cloud journey, we now provide a new feature of day 2 action to re-provision the failed VM, keeping the same configuration.

This day 2 action replaces the existing VM with a brand new VM, configured by the same name, ID, and IP assignment. This feature is available by default for VMware Aria Automation Assembler admin, VMware Aria Automation service broker admin, project admin, and deployment owner. 

With this new feature, admins and users can save a significant amount of time and effort to identify the failed VMs and re-provision them.

Learn More:

VMware Aria Automation May (8.12.1) – Rebuild a vSphere Virtual Machine

Onboarded deployments compliant with Aria Automation Service broker policy limits.

When customers deploy VMs, staying within the budget has always been one of the priorities. With this new feature, the deployment that includes VM and disks is now aligned with Aria Automation Service Broker policy limits.

Onboarded deployment is counted towards the limits. You can choose to allow onboarding resources to count towards limits by switching the option to do so on “on.” This new feature helps customers to stay within their IT budget and avoid going over their cloud resources.

Ability to reserve/unreserve an IP address to make it unavailable/available for deployment.

During the VM onboarding and migration process, sometimes customers run into problems like IP conflict. This feature provides the ability to query available IP addresses from Aria Automation’s internal IPAM and reserve one or more IP addresses to make them unavailable for deployment.

Customers can now reserve/unreserve IP addresses during the deployment and migration process to avoid IP conflict. We hope this feature can provide a more optimized onboarding experience to our customers.

Both operations are supported via API only. Please see the API programming guide for additional information.

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