For the Aria Operations (Formerly vRealize Operations) administrator to manage content within the product as employees leave the company or transfer to another role or department becomes a task that needs to be handled with care. Aria Operations (cloud and on-prem) makes this easy on the administrator by allowing the admin to take ownership or delegate it to another employee with sufficient privileges. 

You need to be a user with administrative privileges to be able to perform this task or the user should be assigned a role by your administrator where the role has been specifically granted access to orphaned content using RBAC in Aria Operations. 
From the left pane, click Administration and select Orphaned Content. 

Administration \ Orphaned content menu
Role Privileges
Global Settings – Content Retention

Also keep in mind that the Deleted Users Global setting under Data Retention which controls the retention of orphaned content of deleted users will also dictate how long the deleted user’s content will be maintained by Aria Operations for the user to salvage and take control of post deleting a user. 

Administer Orphaned Content  

You can view a list of deleted users from the Deleted Users panel in the left pane of the Orphaned Content page. Based on your selection in the Deleted Users panel, the dashboards, and report schedules for the deleted user are displayed under the Dashboard and Report Schedules tabs in the Orphaned Content page.  

As an admin user, you can take ownership, assign ownership, or discard orphaned dashboards and report schedules, from the Actions menu in the Dashboards and Report Schedules tabs. Enter the name or part of the name of a dashboard or report schedule in the Filter option and click Enter. The relevant dashboards or report schedules are displayed.  

Please note that orphaned content currently only applies to dashboards and report schedules as these are the only types of user owned content. 

Orphaned User Content
Orphaned Content – Actions
Actions  Options  
Take Ownership  You can take ownership of the selected dashboards or report schedules.  
Assign Ownership  You can assign a new owner for the selected dashboards or report schedules. The Transfer Dashboards/Report Schedule dialog box allows you to select a target user to be the new owner of the selected content.  
Discard  Allows you to permanently delete the dashboards or report schedules.  

Give this feature a try and report any suggestions and improvements based on your usage and provide feedback via official channels if any …! You can also learn more about other VMware Aria Operations features on TechZone


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