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Elevate Your Capacity Planning in vSphere+

vSphere+ needs no introduction, since the launch of vSphere+, it is gaining huge momentum. vSphere+ offers simplified licensing, and a centralized platform for the management of on-premises deployments, providing a comprehensive view of global inventory, configuration, alerts, administration, and security status. 

Today, we are happy to introduce a new and highly anticipated feature capacity monitoring powered by Aria Operations. In short, this new feature provides added visibility and control over the utilization and availability of resources, enabling better planning and decision-making.

When it comes to utilizing a new feature, the last thing you want is to spend time setting it up. The Capacity feature comes pre-packaged and ready to use, right out of the box (OOTB). This means you don’t have to do anything to start with it. No complicated setup process, no configurations, no downloads, nothing! Just log in, and you’re ready to start using the Capacity feature.

Capacity planning involves forecasting the future consumption of resources and ensuring that adequate capacity is available to meet the demands. The capacity engine in general uses AI/ML technologies to generate accurate estimates of time remaining and capacity remaining. This allows you to plan for the future and avoid potential capacity shortages.

How to access the Capacity Feature?

  • Login to VMware Cloud and navigate to vSphere+ Cloud Console
  • Click on Infrastructure Operations Tab and review Capacity Overview
  • For detailed analysis, click on View Details

The overview page provides consolidated capacity data for all clusters across your vCenters added to vSphere+. To review individual clusters, click on the desired clusters.

Time Remaining

Time Remaining is the number of days until the cluster’s demand is projected to reach the cluster’s Usable Capacity.

It gives you an indication of how much time you have before your cluster’s demand reaches its maximum usable capacity.

It helps you to take proactive measures to optimize the cluster’s utilization, such as adding more resources, redistributing workloads, upgrading to a more powerful cluster, or even leveraging VMware Cloud Solutions.

Capacity Remaining

Capacity Remaining is another metric that shows you how much space you have left in your cluster compared to how much you expect to use. It uses past usage patterns and recent data to estimate your future demand. This helps you be proactive and respond quickly to changes in your usage patterns, taking into account things like the size and frequency of usage spikes.

If you want to get more insights in detail and customize the capacity parameters, subscribe to the full version of Aria Operations and unlock more powerful features like workload optimization, reclamation, right-sizing, and much more.


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