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Utilizing VMware Aria Cost Rightsizing for Cloud Cost Savings

What makes rightsizing so important? 

One of the biggest benefits of implementing cloud computing solution for any organization is the cost benefits associated with it. Even though it has made a successful reduction in the cost of infrastructure, organizations still fail to make an impactful change in the budget. It is found that generally end users spend more than required on their cloud assets as it becomes difficult to estimate the exact requirement for their service. Further, to eliminate any risk, over-provisioned selections are made which end up costing lot of money to the organization. Hence, to ensure the efficient utilization of the resources, it becomes very crucial for the user to be able to recognize the possibility of rightsizing an asset. Usually, the analysis of data is not everyone’s cup of tea. This process is tedious and may also lead to highly precarious situations, so it is always better to go through a proper solution to avoid any risks.  

Consequently, it becomes necessary to have an automated process to optimize user expenditure by refining their cloud assets for the efficient utilization of resources. As a result, the new generation VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth rightsizing tool fits rightly into the picture by extending an easy-to-interpret dashboard.  

VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth Rightsizing

The new generation rightsizing tool is now available for both EC2 and RDS assets for AWS. It is a one stop shop solution that lets the customer identify any potential of downsizing and hence cost-cutting for their assets without disturbing any services. As far as the functionality is concerned, the dashboard elucidates recommendations in brief. It makes it simpler for stakeholders to understand the eventual impact by showcasing the current expenditure and the potential savings that rightsizing recommendations could bring them.  

 8 Reasons Why to Choose VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth Rightsizing

  1. Users have a feature called Efficiency target which gives flexibility of defining their efficient workload by adding an efficiency target and the recommendations are provided to fit into their defined goal. The new VMware Aria Cost rightsizing engine provides recommendations that fit rightly into your need. Thus, giving you complete control over recommendations. There are two system defined efficiency targets present for users by default as well. 
  1.  Users can feed the workload for their machine ranging from a week up to two months by selecting the evaluation duration under the date range feature. This gives users the freedom to choose the duration over which they need their data to be analyzed.  
  1. Stakeholders have an easily comprehensible and manipulative dashboard which allows the search, sort and various other helpful filters for the user to be able to target specific goals for rightsizing. 
  1. Users are also enabled with export functionality. Needless to state, it is very important to have functionality which gives out data in CSV form making it easier to consume among varied forums. 
  1. Options are a cloud user’s best friend -hence VMware Aria Cost rightsizing engine provides up to 3 recommendations which gives  users even more flexibility while implementing the recommendations. 
  1. In addition, the rightsizing tool has also incorporated Perspectives filter to refine the recommendations. This helps users to evaluate the cost of assets under a particular perspective.  
  1. The “Group by” feature makes it possible for a user to see the instances in a proper grouped manner. The instances can be grouped according to the account they belong to or according to the groups under a ’Perspective’. 
  1. Lastly, the focus to incorporate newer asset types and provide refined recommendations stays to be the unique experience and flexibility users can expect from VMware Aria Cost Rightsizing. 

Next Steps

For more information about VMware Aria Cost Rightsizing capabilities, check out our other blog “Announcing New Rightsizing Engine for AWS in VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth” and read our solution overview about Rightsizing.

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