OCVS Solution Highlights
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Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS) for VMware Aria Operations

The Oracle Cloud VMware solution is the VMware Cloud on Oracle Infrastructure. This is a customer-managed solution with full administrative control privileges including root access. The VMware SDDC is run on bare metal compute requiring L2 network and storage. The monitoring of OCVS solution is currently available in many (40 as of Oct 2022) locations across the world and many more planned in the coming months. 

A few of highlights of this solution are 

  • Once the OCVS solution is setup you can leverage access to native services. 
  • Note that this solution is sold and supported by Oracle. 
OCVS Solution Highlights
  • Auto discovery of new SDDC’s and simple setup steps within Aria Operations, with a single account to manage vCenter, vSAN and NSX 

So then let’s take a look at how this works: 


Add OCVS Integration
  • From Data sources \ Integrations select the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution tile and activate it if not already and select ‘Add Account’. 
  • Create a credential and enter the details: 
OCVS Credential details
  • Enter the relevant OCID and the API Fingerprint and Private Key along with the Home Region. 
  • Home region is what OCI assigns to you when you create a new account within Oracle cloud 
  • Select the cloud proxy deployed as a VM in your Oracle Cloud. 
  • Once these details are provided the discovery of the SDDC’s happens under the hood. 
  • You can change the account details of the vCenter, vSAN and NSX if you require to use a specific account other than the ones detected automatically. 
Automatically detected SDDC details after setup

Once the OCVS cloud account is configured for use in VMware Aria Operations, OCVS objects and their relationships will start to be collected and monitored. In the object details you can see the summary of the object as well as the configuration maximums of the relevant object selected in the object tree. 

OCVS Object details

Some limitations of this solution are: 

  • Bill based costing is not supported. 
  • Cost Drivers to calculate costs of Operating System license and additional cost per entity types is not supported. 
  • vCenter and NSX-T standalone accounts configured with IPs are not recognized by the OCVS account and do not appear under the corresponding SDDC when the cloud account is added. vCenter and NSX-T should be configured with FQDNs in the SDDC preferably before upgrading to an Aria Operations version with this feature. 
  • vCenter server on the OCVS solution does not support VMware Aria Operations Cloud plugin. 
  • You cannot login to VMware Aria Operations Cloud using the credentials of vCenter on Oracle cloud. 

Cloud Proxy setup for this solution: 

  • Login to OCVS and check the list of SDDC’s that are setup and configured. 

Configure Connectivity to the Internet via the NAT Gateway or alternatively use the Configure Connectivity to your on-prem network if you are using Aria Operations on-prem. 

Cloud Proxy network connection
Connect Cloud Proxy VM to the internet
  • Once this is completed the cloud proxy VM deployed in the SDDC vcenter in OCVS can now send the data to Aria Operations. 
  • In Aria Operations, you can now check out compliance of your environment as well as the total cost of ownership for the environment or create What if scenarios to assess potential savings for your environment 
OCVS Compliance in Aria Operations
OCVS Cost Planning in Aria Operations

Do give this a try especially if you have an OCVS environment and report any suggestions and improvements based on your usage and provide feedback via official channels if any …! You can also learn more about other VMware Aria Operations features on TechZone


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