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VMware Aria Automation January (8.11.0) Launch Update

Happy new year everyone! At the beginning of 2023, VMware Aria Automation team has some exciting new features to announce.

In this launch, we enhance the multi-cloud capabilities and add several features around public cloud and guardrails, providing richer and broader support for public clouds users on GCP, AWS and Azure.

Rich public cloud enhancements

1. Provide GCP enhancements which support shared VPCs (GCP) in VMware Aria Automation.

Firstly, we add support for shared Virtual Private Cloud and this allows an organization to connect resources from multiple projects to a common Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network. So they can communicate with each other securely and efficiently. Additionally, we add the ability to create snapshot of VM and attached disks as a day2 action then users can always go back to an earlier state. Finally, we also provide capability to reset GCP VMs to the initial state.

2. Manage a VMware Cloud on AWS Environment in an AWS GovCloud Region.

VMware Aria Automation now can confidently provide support to Federal and State public sector customers. With this update, it supports managing VMware Cloud on AWS environments hosted in an AWS GovCloud Region.

3. Enable Azure availability zones selection.

VMware Aria Automation now supports selecting Azure availability zones for deployments. With this enhancement, customers can define with greater granularity where and how to allocate their Azure workloads.

Please check out these new features and see how they make your multi-cloud journey easier and more efficient.

Guardrails updates

1. Create a Guardrails Template from an Existing Azure Environment:

Users can now create a Guardrails template from an Azure environment and use it as a desire state. When scheduled to run, it will allow users to identify any drift in the environment in case any changes are made.

2. Dry Run a Guardrails template in an Azure Environment.

Users can now test run a Guardrails template against an Azure environment without making any changes to the environment. This allows users to identify all the changes that would have been made to the environment, once the template is enforced. It helps in taking an informed decision.

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