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Announcing Commitment Discount Recommendations for All Azure Reservable Services

We are excited to announce Commitment Discount recommendations for all Azure reservable services in VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth! This new feature, generally available as of today, will enable you to better plan your discount purchasing decisions and optimize the money you commit to spending in Microsoft Azure. 

When speaking to customers, we hear that many share the same concern over how much money they commit to the discount opportunities made available by cloud service providers. Many buyers worry about overspending, leading to unused commitments that become liabilities on their balance sheets. At the same time, the fear of leaving money on the table results in buyers under committing, only to have to pay full price for the services required by their business later. Dueling concerns about spending too much or too little lead to “analysis paralysis”, and the inability to act toward optimization goals.  

With the addition of Commitment Discount recommendations for all Azure reservable services, we are pleased to provide you with a solution to help you plan and optimize. With this tool, you can not only navigate the infrastructure needs of your business, but also the changing landscape of Microsoft Azure offerings and discounts. Recommendations are provided for Azure services such as compute, database, storage, and others that allow you to take advantage of discounts through your commitments. To access this feature in the platform, select Azure in the top banner and navigate to Recommendations > Commitment Discounts.  

When reviewing the recommendations, you can gain insight into costs and potential savings for reservable services. With the use of sortable columns and usage metrics, you can access even more information about the recommendations to ensure they make sense for your business. The dashboard also summarizes all savings opportunities, including the associated monthly and upfront costs you can expect and the projected monthly and annual savings of which you can take advantage.   

We are thrilled to offer Commitment Discount recommendations to help optimize cloud spend for Azure reservable services. To learn more about VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth, get started today by signing up for a 14-day free trial and find more information about how we can help with Azure management


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