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The Road to AWS re:Invent 2022: My Cloud Journey

“I can’t decide which route to take to Vegas,” said Joey Tribbiani from “Friends,” as he mapped out his journey to Las Vegas for his big movie break. While Joey ending up taking Phoebe’s cab and driving, I will soon be boarding a flight headed toward Las Vegas to attend my first AWS re:Invent. Although there was not much thought needed to plan my physical path, my path to earning a ticket to this event has been a journey of its own. 

Looking only as far back as the beginning of this year, attending AWS re:Invent didn’t even cross my mind. I had no idea what Elastic Compute Cloud was, what “rightsizing” meant, or how to purchase a Reserved Instance. When I joined VMware in May, bright-eyed and excited for my new adventure, I was a little naïve of what was to come on my cloud journey. 

Since May, I’ve immersed myself in the world of AWS, not only learning what EC2 and EBS are, but also how cost-saving tools like rightsizing, reserved instances, and savings plans work. Throughout the journey, I discovered how VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth (formerly CloudHealth) not only helps customers stay on top of their cloud spend, but how it helps optimize and maintain multi-cloud environments to maximize every dollar.  

The more I read, learned, and spent time poking around the platform creating things, deleting things (and yes, sometimes breaking things) in our sandbox environments, the more excited I became about this piece of technology – a feeling I hadn’t experienced in my career in a few years.   

2020 brought on a massive shift in the technology world. No longer was the office the focal point for work. It became “access anything, anytime, anywhere,” and AWS helped make that transition possible.  

So, to advance my cloud journey and to take part in AWS re:Invent this year is something that I am honored to do. I’m excited to hear the Keynotes, such as: 

  •  The future of AWS with CEO Adam Selipsky 
  • The world of Machine Learning with VP Swami Sivasubramanian  

I’m also looking forward to hearing some of the Leadership sessions like:  

  • Marketing Technology with Tim Barnes (GM and Director, Solutions for Advertising and Marketing Technology) 
  • AI/ML with Bratin Saha (VP, Machine learning and AI Services) 
  • Analytics with G2 Krishnamoorthy (VP, AWS Analytics) 

I’m eager to walk the floor of the Expo Hall to see all of the AWS Partners around the AWS Village and the cool tech that is being created, developed, and runs on AWS. (Shameless plug: be sure to stop by the VMware booth in the Expo Center at Booth #1604 and learn more about how we’re changing the world of cloud management with VMware Aria.

I fully anticipate that it lives up to the hype (not only that I’ve heard from my colleagues and peers, but that I’ve created in my own mind). Make sure to register, grab your phones, download the app, and join VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth at AWS re:Invent 2022!  


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