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CPU Core dashboard in Aria Operations

The recent release of vSphere+ and vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager enables the core-based licensing model for vSphere and vRealize products. This blog post will show us how to create a dashboard in Aria operations that helps to visualize CPU Core spread and optimize your licensing needs.

The dashboard is a powerful feature of vRealize operations, it has a collection of widgets and related information of a data center object. We will create super metrics and Views that supply data to the Core distribution dashboard. To simplify the process, my colleague David Jakubowicz provided a template that has

  • Super Metrics (supermetrics.json)
  • Views (views.zip)
  • Dashboard(dashboard.zip)

Steps Overview.

  • Download the template file and unzip the contents. We will use these files later
  • Log in to vRealize Operations with the required permissions

Importing Super Metrics.

  • Super Metrics provides CPU & Core information and we’ll use it afterward
  • Go to Configure –> Super Metrics –> Import –> Select Supermetric.json file and click on Import
Import Super Metrics

After successful import, a super metric named CorePerSocket will appear in the list, click on edit and enable the super metric in the default policy to take effect.

Importing Views

  • Views take input from the Supermetric and provide input. we’ll use Views in the afterward
  • Go to Visualize –> Views –> Manage–> Import –> views.zip file and click on Import
Import Views
  • After successful import, the required views for the dashboard are created
Views list

Importing Dashboard

Go to Visualize –> Dashboards –> Manage–> Import –> Dashboard.zip file and click on Import

Import Dashboard

Viewing the dashboard

To view, click on “Core Distribution” from the dashboard list. It may take up to 15 minutes to populate the data so If you are seeing “No data available”, please retry/refresh after a few minutes.

The widgets in the vRealize Operations dashboard are self-explanatory. If you have more requirements, you can customize them according to your need.



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