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VMware Aria Operations Logs and VMware Aria Operations Cloud Alert Integration

One of the most asked for features for our cloud version of VMware Aria Operations Logs (formerly vRealize Log Insight Cloud) is alert integration with VMware Aria Operations Cloud (vRealize Operations Cloud). This capability already exists on the on-premises version of Aria Logs and Aria Operations, and now we have brought that capability to the cloud versions.

Previously, the integration between Aria Logs Cloud and Aria Operations Cloud was the ‘Logs’ tab in Aria Operations Cloud. Now we can send alerts that have fired off in Aria Logs Cloud to Aria Operations Cloud for actioning and remediation. Let’s see how that’s done now.

1. Create and configure your alert

First, we need to create or clone an alert in Aria Operations Logs and set a trigger condition. Under the trigger condition, there is a new option with a checkbox that says, “Send to vRealize Operations Manager”. Since integration between Aria Logs and Aria Operations is done automatically at SDDC deployment, the checkbox should be there and available with no configuration needed.

2. Test the Alert

We can either wait for the alert to trigger or test it manually. Once the alert triggers, it will show up under the ‘Alert Instances’ section of the Alerts tab in Aria Logs.

3. Check Aria Ops for the alert

Once the alert triggers, it should be sent to your Aria Operations Cloud instance soon after. Below, we see that a new alert was created in Aria Operations Cloud at 10:21AM for a VM being deleted in our VMC environment. This alert came from Aira Logs! Now you can use Aria Operations to action on the alert or forward it to the proper destinations.

If we dig into the alert, we can see that it’s a critical symptom notification with the log text body as the alert payload.

There we have it. Alert integration between Aria Logs and Aria Ops, similar to our on-prem functionality. Hopefully this makes your operations teams lives a little easier. Please try this new feature out and reach out to your VMware cloud management specialist with any questions.


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