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Tech Preview: VMware Aria Business Insights

VMware Aria Hub – previously Project Ensemble – is VMware’s app-centric, common data platform for cloud management uniting different personas in a single collaborative user interface.

Today, we are excited to announce the tech preview of a new capability within VMware Aria Hub called VMware Aria Business Insights.

VMware Aria Business Insights is an intelligent event management capability that leverages AI/ML to automatically organize symptoms across apps and infrastructure and determine actionable business insights. Where previously IT operations users had access to events in a siloed, isolated sense, challenges exist with sorting through the noise and determining what is relevant and what is not. VMware Aria Business Insights exists to provide context, to pick out the signal from the noise in real-time, and use that signal to remediate issues across the stack before they occur. It can discern relevant business insights from full-stack event correlation leveraging AI/ML analytics to eliminate business downtimes, reduce MTTR, and prevent future issues.

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Market Background

Event Management is a growing market segment that leverages AIOps across a number of different IT monitoring capabilities to correlate meaningful trends and distinguish them from “noise.”  

While the VMware Cloud Management portfolio has handled full-stack event monitoring and alerting, there is an opportunity for significant noise reduction by applying an AI/ML layer on top of the entire portfolio. 

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Approach and Outcomes 

VMware Aria Business Insights operates within the observability philosophy required to optimize root cause analysis within complex distributed systems. It begins by correlating, clustering, and de-duplicating events across the stack, determining what to surface and what to suppress, and serving up relevant business insights to the user. 

The product vision is that the user will be able to provide feedback to the insights delivered, helping VMware Aria Business Insights to learn and better refine its model to the user’s particular environment over time.  

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The primary outcome is quick and accurate root cause analysis, which results in the secondary – and ultimate – outcome of proactive remediation, which in many cases can be completely automated without manual input from the user. Business outcomes are increased service availability, improved MTTR, and improved service reliability. 

Stay tuned for more updates, and be sure to check out CMB2244US at VMware Explore for a demonstration!


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