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Tech Preview: VMware Aria Migration

As businesses move from a single dedicated infrastructure to flexible multi-cloud models, IT teams are challenged with assessing, analyzing, planning, modernizing, executing, and operationalizing the migration of workloads across multiple clouds. Each of these areas require the combination of niche and complex tooling with great skill. A slip in any of these stages leads to lost time, money, and reputation, thus requiring businesses to keep them watertight.

Introducing VMware Aria Migration

Aria Migration accelerates and simplifies the multi-cloud migration journey by identifying and migrating applications to the optimal cloud, based on the user’s goals for security, performance, cost, and time.

Figure 1: VMware Aria Migration

There are three steps within Aria Migration to identify, plan and move workloads to their optimal cloud.

  1. Assessment: Identify network flows between apps, discover services, app tiers and VMs/servers that comprise the app.
  2. Planning: Machine Learning driven process to understand app boundaries, app migration complexities, and dependencies. Work with security to define policies and boundaries for workloads to ensure compliance throughout the migration.
  3. Migration: Automated migration waves of workloads at scale using vRealize Network Insight Toolkit with VMware HCX.

Below is a series of screen shots to walk through these 3 steps.

Assessment: Group by cluster, vLAN, or Application and review the predicted total cost of ownership for multiple clouds.

Figure 2: Inventory, grouped by applications, with TCO comparison.

Planning: Manage your process by creating waves based on your predefined goals for security, cost, and performance.

Figure 3: Plan individual waves by obtaining LoB Approvals, designing your target cloud configuration, preparing a workflow pipeline, and scheduling your migration
Figure 4: Example migration wave.

Migration: View your key metrics to show the success of your migration.

Figure 5: Migration progress board

Plan your work, work your plan

A mentor of mine always used to tell me, “Plan your work, work your plan”. It’s been a guiding principle throughout my career. But there are times when creating and executing a plan can be extremely complex and hard to accomplish without the right tools. Aria Migration guides you through the complexity and gives you the opportunity to make data-driven decisions so you can plan your work and work your plan. We look forward to sharing more information with you soon.


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