Navigating the Multi-Cloud with VMware Aria Automation

We are starting this month’s catch up with a very important update: As the IT world is increasingly becoming multi-cloud, VMware, spearheaded by our cloud management portfolio, is making cloud smart and seamless cross-cloud management a top priority.

With these radical shifts taking place we are introducing a new brand, VMware Aria, that encompasses this new multi-cloud management direction and the single cloud management offering unified through VMware Aria Hub and anchored by the VMware Aria Graph datastore. Delivery Automation capabilities, formerly included with vRealize Automation will now be part of VMware Aria Automation and existing vRealize Automation customers will be entitled to the respective VMware Aria Automation edition. Read more in the VMware Aria announcement.

VMware Aria Guardrails for Tanzu Mission Control Policies

More than a new name VMware Aria Guardrails, formerly vRealize Automation Cloud Guardrails, brings important new functionality around native public cloud workloads and role-based access. More specifically, we continue enhancing this functionality with RBAC and project assignment that limits visibility to specific projects and roles.

We are also introducing a second integration point with Tanzu Mission Control that will enable continuous enforcement of Kubernetes policies –  for the first integration point between VMware Aria Automation and Tanzu Mission Control read this technical blog. With these integrations, we are aligning the policy and automation frameworks between Aria and Tanzu, making management of any workload, be it traditional or cloud native, simple and consistent.

DevOps for Everyone

It has been a long-standing priority for VMware’s cloud automation product team to democratize DevOps especially for the infrastructure operators. With the August launch, VMware Aria Automation brings some key capabilities to help with collaboration and GitOps use cases. Specifically, we bring support for GitHub Enterprise in VMware Aria Automation (only relevant for SaaS since on-prem form factor already supported GitHub Enterprise) and the ability to share Terraform content and  Code Stream pipelines across projects. Get started with DevOps for Infrastructure use cases with this e-book with practical examples we recently published.

Learn More

If you are attending VMware Explore 2022 US this week check out where you can learn or get some hands on experience with VMware Aria Automation.

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