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VMware Aria Automation (vRealize Automation) at VMware Explore 2022 US

vRealize Automation VMware Explore

Where is VMware Aria Automation (vRealize Automation) at VMware Explore 2022 US?

VMworld is back now as VMware Explore, and we’re excited to meet you again live at San Francisco and virtually August 29th – September 1st, 2022 to update you on latest on VMware Aria Automation (vRealize Automation)!

Come join your peers from around the globe and our subject matter experts to engage on how organizations can control and secure self-service multi-clouds with governance, and enable DevOps-based infrastructure delivery, including Infrastructure as Code, GitOps, and Infrastructure Pipelines.

Learn how your internal IT operations, DevOps engineers, developers and the lines of business can get the environments and resources they need faster with a public cloud–like user experience. And at the same time, how you can manage cost, performance, security, networking, and configuration at scale for multi-cloud environments with the appropriate cloud guardrails, whether you use AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and/or VMware Cloud.

Whether you come in-person or online, this is your opportunity to meet our automation experts who can answer any questions you may have!

Check out the following program guide so you can optimize your four days at Explore.

VMware Aria Automation (vRealize Automation) Program Guide for Explore 2022 Live & Online



  • Multi-Cloud Agility for the Modern Enterprise [MCLK2482US]
  • How to Become a Transformation Hero [MCLK2539US]



  • A Better Way to Onboard & Govern Native Public Clouds – AWS, Azure and GCP [CMB2355US] (Aria Guardrails)
  • A Multi-cloud Management Story for the Cloud Consumer [CMB2215US]
  • A Multi-cloud Management Story for the Cloud Admin [CMB2219US]
  • Total Kubernetes Management with vRealize Cloud [CMB2220US]
  • A Cloud Operating Model for the Native Public Cloud [CMB2227US]
  • All the Right Ways to Consume Your Clouds [CMB2247US]
  • Getting to Know Salt [OSB1582US]
  • Solving the SRE Crisis with Idem [OSB1598US]
  • Low-Code Network and Security Automation [NETB2292US]

On-demand library

  • Cloud Template and Idem – Amazon RDS Resize Use Case [CMB2518USD]
  • vRealize Automation and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integration [CMB2520USD]
  • vRealize Automation and SaltStack Config Integration Use Cases [CMB2522USD]
  • vCloud Infrastructure Management Platform: An Automated Solution for Private Cloud Management [VMWB1764USD]
  • vRealize Automation SaltStack Config Implementation in VMware IT [VMWB1770USD]



  • Multi-Cloud Governance with VMware vRealize Automation [VBT3585US] (Aria Guardrails)



  • Polices and Governance in vRealize Automation [CMM2335US] (Aria Guardrails)



  • Getting Started with vRealize Automation [SPL-HOL-2201-02-CMP]
  • Advanced Topics in VMware vRealize Automation [SPL-HOL-2201-10-CMP]
  • Administering VMware vRealize Automation [SPL-HOL-2201-12-CMP]
  • VMware vRealize Automation Lightning Lab [SPL-HOL-2201-92-CMP]
  • What’s Next: Cloud Guardrails & IDEM [HOL-2301-12-ISM] (Aria Guardrails)



  • Advanced Topics in VMware vRealize Automation [ELW-HOL-2201-10-CMP]
  • Getting Started with vRealize Automation SaltStack Config [ELW-HOL-2206-05-CMP]
  • A Cloud Management Journey – Monolith to Modern Apps with the vRealize Suite [ELW-HOL-2201-08-CMP]

TAM Day Live Sessions, Demo Booth, Lightning Labs, and more!

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vRealize Automation VMware Explore

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