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ABA Bank Supports Top Mobile App with vRealize Suite

Advanced Bank of Asia

Show me an organization’s business strategy, and I’ll show you their application strategy. For Cambodia’s ABA Bank, for example, the urgency of remaining relevant to customers required embracing holistic digital transformation.

Apps remain ever-increasingly the primary way organizations interact with their customers, and vice versa. Naturally, organizations wishing to succeed today must support agile development of those apps, frequent innovation, and efficient, performant infrastructure resourcing them.

ABA Bank, one of Cambodia’s largest financial institutions (and the largest VMware customer in Cambodia), has embraced this model by adopting vRealize Suite for its cloud management platform. vRealize Suite is unique in its ability to manage across the entire cloud operations lifecycle – from cloud setup; to automated infrastructure deployment; to cost, capacity, and performance management; to ongoing Day 2 operations.

Towards the “front end” of this lifecycle, ABA is able to deliver a self-service resource consumption layer to its app teams, helping automate much of the ticketing and pipelining required in development cycles. Just as valuable is the value ABA has been able to quantify from vRealize Suite’s Day 2 operations. Some of the highlights include:

  • 83% reduction in engineering time required for infrastructure operations
  • 99.99% application SLA enabled by VM rightsizing and performance optimization
  • Reduction in server provisioning time from days to minutes

In partnering with VMware to embrace digital transformation, ABA is now engaging 90% of its customer base through the ABA Mobile app, the most popular free financial app in the country.

Operating its infrastructure like a cloud provider has revolutionized the way ABA Bank does business, and how it can serve its customers through innovative app offerings. Read the full customer story here, and see how other organizations are using vRealize Suite here.


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