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COVID-19 has required worldwide organizations in both private and public sectors to reconsider the way they need to operate. The changes have encouraged organizations to rely more on digital services to engage with customers. Consequently, organizations need to provide innovative and compelling digital services at a faster pace, with security and consistency.

This creates an opening, particularly for IT infrastructure and operations teams that maintain the needs of developers and DevOps engineers, to streamline IT delivery processes by embracing modern automation practices. Because the existing IT infrastructure processes have been too tightly coupled and too inflexible to maintain modern application development practices, developers have embraced public clouds and open-source tools without a lot of IT oversight. Therefore, modernizing IT processes with automation holds the key to empowering IT to drive innovation together with developers in a safe, compliant, agile, and scalable way.

But automation is not just a buzzword. With the potential to set the foundation for major efficiencies, process enhancements, and cost-cutting strategies, automation tools have become critical for organizations looking to modernize IT and maintain a competitive edge. VMware has moved toward an application-oriented, developer-driven position, which will be extremely important as the infrastructure and its management become more invisible. Software and application delivery that take advantage of cloud-native constructs will be essential to the success of digital transformations, with the infrastructure portion gradually moving into the cloud.

This brand new (free!) guide uncovers VMware’s modern, event-driven infrastructure automation platform, and it provides you with the opportunity to discover why it’s a great solution for every enterprise.

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