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vRealize Automation Cloud – 05.22 Launch Update

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For years, VMware has focused on supporting technology innovation driving critical business innovation. The demand for new application development had already been on the rise, but COVID-19 further accelerated this by amplifying the need for digital presence and a multi-cloud strategy. As companies have been looking to optimize their multi cloud operations, they started forming multi-cloud Centers of Excellence. These groups are focused on implementing a standardized platform that manages consistently across public, private, edge, and local clouds.

However, multi-cloud management comes with some requirements. Customers need to ensure that environments and applications on the infrastructure and application levels are secure to enterprise standards. Also, they need to always see the application performance and availability, no matter if it runs on a private or public cloud. Lastly, customers strive to optimize current cloud costs and budget for future projects.

While trying to implement those requirements, customers face many challenges because, most of the time, they use spreadsheets to manually track policy and exception data across their clouds. They also look at solutions which involve several tools, many of them siloed, such as PowerShell, native API scripting, custom scripting and the list goes on. It is difficult to ensure compliance across clouds and even when an issue is solved, remediations are manual and inconsistent. But not all remediations need to be auto triggered, because some customers may want to set approval policies before remediations are applied, and the offline communication between teams can be a big roadblock.

To address these challenges, vRealize Automation Cloud has made it a priority to expand its capabilities deeper in the multi-cloud management space. By following an “an everything-as-code” approach, vRealize Automation Cloud aspires to make provisioning, policy application, and continuous management of multi-cloud environments easier, quicker, and safer than ever!

This release represents the first step towards that vision. Cloud Guardrails, as a new feature suite within vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly, is focused on managing cost, performance, security, networking, and configuration at scale for multi-cloud environments. The goal is for Cloud Guardrails to tackle the public cloud environment management space, thru tasks like creating on-demand AWS Member Account with appropriate security and IAM configurations, while Cloud Assembly continues to handle the provisioning of services into public cloud environments.

To Learn More about Cloud Guardrails, please check out this Technical Blog:

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