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The Latest with vRealize Network Insight Universal

As the team prepares for the latest in business, technology, and customer trends for VMware Explore which happens soon during August 29 to September 21, 2022, it will be great to share what’s new for vRealize Network Insight Universal.

Now available is a new eBook and Infographic that explains the benefits of vRealize Network Insight Universal for multi-cloud networking for VMware Cloud, NSX, and other environments.

The Essential Guide to SaaS Transition for Easier Network Monitoring Optimize multi-cloud network visibility with vRealize® Network Insight™ Universal

End-to-End Visibility across Clouds: vRealize® Network Insight™ Universal

The eBook discusses the current trend to use SaaS for accurate network monitoring and how capabilities like federation across instances, application discovery, and SaaS based license tracking help customers move to the cloud while also running their existing data centers.

Figure 1. The Infographic theme starts with laying a foundation (see the small plant) to solve issues customers run into.
Figure 2. The Infographic theme concludes with all the benefits of vRealize Network Insight Universal which helps infrastructure scale and grow using that solid foundation (see the emerging forest).

New SaaS Location available with vRealize Network Insight 6.6

Earlier we launched vRealize Network Insight 6.6 with even more capabilities for both SaaS and on-premises deployments. One of the new items in that release is our 7th global SaaS location which is a new location in Mumbai, India. This is our 3rd location in the Asia Pacific Region and will be key SaaS location for customers in the region.

Figure 3. SaaS Global footprint for vRealize Network Insight Universal with a new location in Asia for Mumbai, India.

Tech Field Day 25

VMware participated in the latest Tech Field Day 25 (TFD25) event which was hybrid with some delegates in-person on-site and others virtual. That’s exciting that we can meet the delegates in-person now. Check out the latest conversations with the attendees at Tech Field Day 25 for vRealize Network Insight Universal as well as conversations with other VMware Products solutions like vRealize Log Insight Cloud. From the vRealize Network Insight team we had Sesh Sayani and Martijn Smit discuss and demo the customer cloud journey and how application migration is helped with our new solution especially across multiple clouds and 3rd party infrastructure.

Figure 4. VMware at Tech Field Day 25.
Figure 5. Martijn Smit explains application discovery, mapping, migrations and Federation capabilities of vRealize Network Insight Universal that understands applications workloads and tiers.
Figure 6. Tweet from TFD25 delegate Jim Czuprynski.
Figure 7. Tweet from TFD25 delegate Justin Warren.

Here are the VMware vRealize Network Insight Universal TFD25 video sessions:

How to Migrate and Modernize Applications Using VMware vRealize Network Insight Universal

Demonstrating Migration and Modernization of Applications Using VMware vRealize Network Insight Universal

Customer Case Study

We are always happy to hear when our customers are enabled and productive when using our solutions. Take a look at this written case study and video with VMware Cloud and vRealize Network Insight.

Figure 8. Customer Video on YouTube.

Quotes from our customer:

“vRealize Network Insight brings us great value in terms of being a product that can map every single dependency that is between workloads or networks in the on-premises data center.”

“VMware helped minimize disruption and made the process as easy as possible by using VMware vRealize Network Insight. “vRealize Network Insight is an extremely powerful tool when migrating to the cloud, because we do not have to interview each application owner to find out which app is talking to each server. vRealize Network Insight gives us all of the information we need to act,” says Sivertsen”

PacketPusher Podcast

Catch up and listen to our latest podcast introducing vRealize Network Insight Universal with Ethan Banks and Greg Ferro on Day 2 Cloud 145: Tech Bytes: Flexible Cloud Migration Using VMware vRealize Network Insight Universal

Figure 9. Packet Pusher Podcast with Ethan Banks and Greg Farro.

Migrating from other on-premises instances of vRealize Network Insight is very easy with vRealize Cloud Connect.

Figure 10. vRealize Cloud Connect makes migrating to vRealize Network Insight Universal easy and automated.

There has been a lot of activity showcasing vRealize Network Insight Universal. The takeaway is that SaaS is the way forward for monitoring and analyzing your network infrastructure. vRealize Network Insight Universal supports on-premises deployments for the solution as well as SaaS deployments. Licensing is also simpler with this solution when using vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager. vRealize Network Insight Universal binds various instances together with a central federation dashboard for customers to transition fully to SaaS with flexibility at their own pace.

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