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Introducing Federation in vRealize Network Insight Universal

A few days ago, we launched vRealize Network Insight Universal. This not only makes the licensing for vRealize Network Insight & vRealize Network Insight Cloud easier and more flexible; it also includes a new feature called Federation.

Federation makes it possible to create a single dashboard with data from multiple vRealize Network Insight deployments. Cloud and on-premises deployments. There are a variety of reasons why you could opt to deploy multiple vRealize Network Insight instances. For example, data locality, scale, or separation of infrastructure for tenants.

With multiple deployments out there you had to log into multiple vRealize Network Insight interfaces to check for infrastructure health. Federation centralizes the most important data into a single dashboard, the Federation dashboard, for easy access to the global health of the infrastructure.

Federation dashboard


Get a closer look at the above dashboard and check out this video. The demo starts at the 7:50 mark.


The architecture of Federation is relatively simple. One vRealize Network Insight Cloud instance is marked as a primary instance, which is where the Federation dashboard will appear. Other instances are linked to this primary instance via a peering relation. Once that is set up, the peer instances start sending data to the primary instance. Only outgoing connectivity from the peer to the primary is needed.

If you’re interested in learning how to configure Federation, check out the click-through demo below (~5min).

Title of the page


Federation is a must-have feature when multiple vRealize Network Insight instances are involved. To learn more about vRealize Network Insight Universal that unlocks this feature, check out this post.


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