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Announcing General Availability of vRealize Log Insight v8.8

With the release of VMware vRealize Log Insight v8.8, we are excited to continuously improve and innovate centralized log management across your private, hybrid, and multi-clouds with new features like direct log forwarding to vRealize Log Insight Cloud, webhook integrations, and a many user experience enhancements that’ll make it easier to visualize triggered alerts and notifications!

Improved Stability and Query Performance

To maximize performance and resolves issues in real-time, vRealize Log Insight users will be able to run queries at the partition level.  This helps minimize the scope of the search query and improve the overall resolution time. Filters are available for alerts and dashboards which help make it easier to reduce response times based on the selected index partitions.

Stability is also improved through reduced quorums and increased replications for large vRealize Log Insight clusters which in turn, minimize any impact of NFS archival failures.

Simplified Log Forwarding to vRealize Log Insight Cloud

vRealize Log Insight v8.8 helps users on-ramp vRealize Log Insight on-prem deployments to the cloud through direct log forwarding. Previously, you were required to deploy and configure a cloud proxy in order to collect logs before they are sent to the cloud. vRealize Log Insight now acts as its own proxy and only requires the cloud URL and cloud key in order to establish a connection to enable direct log forwarding to the cloud within minutes.

On premises log management deployments are typically used to store and search for specific log data. However, if you need to query archived data, it can become difficult, costly, or time consuming through archived cold storage limitations. By forwarding your logs to the cloud, it removes capacity restraints to query non-index partitions and move logs from non index partitions to index partitions for better performance.

Unified Experience Across On-Prem and Cloud

The top navigation bars have been modified and moved to the to left panel to better align with vRealize Log Insight Cloud as well as other vRealize solutions for improved flexibility and faster access to actionable insights. Here, you will find it more efficient to explore and search for your logs and alerts or deploy content packs to visualize your entire log infrastructure.

Webhook Integration: vRealize Orchestrator

Webhooks are user-defined HTTP callbacks. When alerts, events, errors, or changes happen to an application or object, there is a service that cares about it for auditing, troubleshooting, or to start a new workflow.

Now, that service that cares is vRealize Orchestrator and the webhook integration is now available out-of-the-box with predefined templates. It supports payload configurations for alerting and forwarding, and eliminates efforts to create custom forwarding rule templates for a more automated remediation workflow.

For more information:

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