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Operations – The CloudHealth Basics

We are halfway through our CloudHealth Basics series! The last installment of the series we did a who’s who on User Roles and Permissions and learned what users, roles, and FlexOrgs are and how they aid your cloud management journey. Today we will be discussing a CloudHealth differentiator – CloudHealth Perspectives.

What are CloudHealth Perspectives?

CloudHealth Perspectives are “lenses” through which you want to view your infrastructure. CloudHealth pulls in any metadata available to build your Perspectives, and ultimately your Reports. These dynamic business groupings provide a framework for categorizing assets in your infrastructure.

Example Perspectives:

  • Product: Analyze the cost of a feature from development through production.
  • Team: Develop reports and optimizations that are catered to a team’s cost, usage, or performance.
  • Owner: Create individual responsibility to hold users accountable for what they are spinning up.
  • Environment: View and analyze costs by environment, such as development, staging, and production.
  • Organization/Business Unit: Determine which units are spending the most, hold them accountable for savings and optimizations, and direct conversations towards the right group when looking at cost or usage increases.
  • Function: Analyze specific trends in greater detail by attributing cost, usage, and performance of a cloud asset to a specific business function to determine the root cause for increases in those metrics.
  • Cost Center: Sort your cloud infrastructure by your internal cost center for financial and month-end reporting.

After building out your own CloudHealth Perspectives in the platform, you can use utilize Perspectives in multiple areas including InterActive Reports, CloudHealth Policies, Recommendations, and Cost Reallocation. You can leverage Perspectives as a framework for evaluating, analyzing, and reporting on trends that are unique to each business group in your organization.

Tip: Looking for Perspectives in the platform? Look for the blue “P”

What can CloudHealth Perspectives help me accomplish?

Now that you know what CloudHealth Perspectives are, you may be asking yourself – “So what can Perspectives actually help me with?”

Let’s break down some example Perspectives use cases from our customers:

‘Asystec relies on CloudHealth’s unique Perspectives capability to group assets and analyze customers’ cloud costs. Perspectives allow different roles within an organization to measure and evaluate the business from viewpoints that make the most sense to them.’ “Being able to look at cost from different perspectives is incredibly valuable” – Lucas Da Silva, Cloud Engineer, Asystec’ Read the full case study. 


‘CloudHealth Perspectives have been a huge help for Toast during COVID-19, allowing the team to see their costs by relevant business groupings, such as by team or environment. When Siskind and team began building Perspectives last summer, they didn’t know where to begin. The CloudHealth team set up reports in advance so they could hit the ground running. Toast’s CloudHealth Technical Account Manager showed the team new features and how to use them so they felt up-to-speed with everything in the platform.’ Read the full case study.

Want to learn more about CloudHealth Perspectives?

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Keep an eye out for the next blog in the CloudHealth Basics series featuring Reporting. In the meantime, learn more about how cloud management platforms can support your organization’s current and future cloud needs with our eBook A Beginners Guide to Gaining Visibility in the Cloud.