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The CloudHealth Basics

Learn about the basics of CloudHealth – what is cloud management, what are CloudHealth capabilities, and why should my cloud computing business care?

In prior blogs we have talked about the need for cloud management – customers are adopting multiple clouds to gain agility, flexibility, and control but still need to manage their cloud effectively. Without effective management, bad habits can develop, leading to an uncontrolled “sprawl” of assets that can result in spiraling costs, under-performance, and security flaws.Thus, the ideal cloud management model is exercising administrative control over the resources your business has deployed in the cloud in order tooptimize cost, performance, and security.

How does CloudHealth do this?

CloudHealth ingests and aggregates data from cloud providers, containerized or on-premises environments, and third-party integration tools, to become your single source of truth for multicloud management. Our platform helps customers tackle their cloud challenges by simplifying financial management, streamlining operations, and improving collaboration across multi-cloud environments. 

CloudHealth Multi-Cloud Management

But what does that mean? How does CloudHealth do this? What are the capabilities CloudHealth has to transform the way organizations operate?

We are going to break this all down for you – what we do, our capabilities, and how it can help your business – with our blog series “The CloudHealth Basics.” Over the upcoming weeks, we are releasing blogs that focuses on our key capabilities and why they matter to you.

CloudHealth Key Capabilities

  • Reporting
    • Cost Summary Report
    • Health Check Report
    • FlexReports  
  • Policy-Based Governance 
    • Policy Management 
    • Automated Actions  

Can’t wait for the next blog of “The CloudHealth Basics?” Learn more of what CloudHealth can do for you with the solution brief The Leading Multicloud Management Platform.