Managing a VMware Cloud for Dummies

All companies are software companies; software needs to be developed and deployed in a cloud-based operating environment; the future of cloud – for most organizations at least – is multi-cloud.

The beautiful thing about a VMware Cloud is that you can use one or multiple without deviating from the industry standard VMware tools and skillsets that your infrastructure teams are already using in the data center. You can keep everything in a local private cloud, you can leverage all the benefits of the public cloud, or you can do some combination of the two — with seamless portability between options.

If you’re going to run your stack on a VMware Cloud, either in whole or in part, you need a management solution to automate and operate that environment. What’s best is a solution that provides a cross-cloud layer of services for consistent deployment, operations, and optimization across all your clouds (VMware or not!)

Enter our brand new (free!) Dummies Guide that breaks down why VMware Cloud Management is the easy button for VMware Cloud (and beyond).

Read this guide to discover how VMware Cloud gives you a unified framework for any flavor of cloud approach, and how you can leverage cloud management to get the best from your VMware Cloud for maximum ROI. Download Managing a VMware Cloud for Dummies for free here and learn how to optimize the VMware Cloud of your choosing, equipping your organization for maximum performance and speed – at minimum cost and risk.

While you’re at it, bookmark our tandem Cloud Operating Model for Dummies guide and get a bit more existential with organizational best practices to cloud – adding your people and processes to the technology of VMware Cloud Management.


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