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vRealize Operations Cloud

Test Drive new features in vRealize Operations Cloud!

vRealize Operations Cloud is now a fully integrated experience within VMware Cloud on AWS and with its one-click activation, you’ll be able to enjoy the SaaS service without needing to install a cloud proxy or configure a cloud account! The built-in, in-product guided tours and customer journey maps help with quick onboarding and initial configurations that cover many common tasks:

  • Connecting to vSphere
  • Connecting to VMware Cloud
  • Setup Alert Notifications
  • Create Dashboards
  • Generate Reports
  • Troubleshooting

We’ve blown off the covers for the native public cloud and have full support for VMware Cloud as well:

  • VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Azure VMware Services
  • Google Cloud VMware Engine
  • VMware Cloud on Dell

vRealize Operations Cloud monitors all AWS services including custom metrics, integration CloudHealth for multi-cloud cost governance, and app-aware troubleshooting with extensive support for over 200 apps!

Listen to the Podcast

For even more information, check our the latest Podcast in collaboration with Packet Pushers:

Join Sujatha David, Group Product Line Manager, and yours truly, David Pham, as we dive into workload visibility and whether or not they are performing optimally. Are they over or under provisioned? Visibility into dependencies, understanding how applications are impacted by problems with various infrastructure components within the stack.

Get started!

Sign up to get started on your vRealize Operations Cloud trial test drive for 30 days! Within minutes, you’ll be able to spin up your own vRealize Operations Cloud instance, start monitoring and managing your datacenter, applications, and infrastructure objects from your hybrid VMware SDDC cloud and up the stack to public clouds such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.

To learn more on vRealize Operations, vRealize Operations Cloud, and other vRealize products, I invite you to check out our new VMware Pathfinder site that covers detailed usage for:

  • Performance Optimization
  • Cost and Capacity Efficiency
  • Intelligent Troubleshooting
  • Integrated Compliance
  • Public Cloud Monitoring

Topics are covered at level 100 to 300 plus hands-on training!

If you didn’t get a chance to virtually attend VMworld 2021 or wanted a refresher, don’t forget to check out these recorded sessions:

Session IDTitle
MCL1277A Big Update on vRealize Operations
MCL1442Operationalizing VCF Private Cloud
MCL1263Operationalizing VMC Hybrid Cloud
MCL1899Accelerate Your VDI Management with vRealize Operations
MCL1439Operationalizing Public Cloud
APP1586Operationalizing Containers, Tanzu & Kubernetes
MCL1115Cloud Operating Model
HOL-2206-95-ISMvRealize – Operationalizing your VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) Private Cloud
HOL-2206-96-ISMvRealize – Operationalizing your VMware Cloud on AWS Hybrid Cloud
HOL-2206-97-ISMvRealize – Operationalizing your Public Cloud
HOL-2206-98-ISMvRealize – Operationalizing Kubernetes

Please also refer to the latest blog for the newest product walkthrough for vRealize Operations Cloud!


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