Scaling Network Automation w/ NSX-T Federation and vRealize Automation 8.5
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Scaling Network Automation with NSX-T Federation and vRealize Automation 8.5

What’s New: vRealize Automation 8.5 supports NSX-T Federation

As announced today, we’re excited to launch vRealize Automation 8.5, delivering enhanced network automation capabilities, including the ability to support NSX-T Federation through NSX-T cloud accounts. VMware vRealize Automation 8 customers, who are managing NSX-T endpoints can establish an NSX-T Global Manager connection and configure an association between an NSX-T Global Manager and local managers for federated environments. As a result, users can now apply VMware’s network automation capabilities across multiple NSX-T Data Center environments and accelerate application delivery with networking and security services at scale.

Manage multiple NSX-T Data Center environments with NSX-T Federation and vRealize Automation 8.5

Introduced in NSX-T 3.0, NSX-T Federation allows users to manage multiple NSX-T Data Center environments through a single NSX-T Global Manager. It allows a Network Admin to create network constructs, such as Tier-0/Tier-1 gateways and segments, and global security groups that can be stretched across multiple sites and VMware Clouds, enabling centralized configuration and consistent security enforcement.

By leveraging NSX-T Federation, vRealize Automation 8.5 users can create version-controlled network configuration files and reusable infrastructure or application templates with built-in networking and security services, that can be applied across NSX-T data center environments in a scalable manner. With the new integration, vRealize Automation can discover global segments and Security Groups. This enables users to provision VMs to leverage those constructs and associated networking and security, including NSX Distributed Firewall (DFW) rules and IP addresses from NSX-T.

In this way, the ability to leverage NSX-T Federation can help the Cloud Admin to scale Network Automation across multiple NSX-T Data Center environments, while being able to control at a global, regional, and local site level, and accelerating application delivery with networking and security services.

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Check out the following resources to learn more how vRealize Automation supports network automation. Check out how vRealize Automation 8.5 leverages NSX-T Federation, which enables multi-site NSX-T deployments where the management, control, and data planes are distributed across sites. Learn how you can quickly provision consistent networking and security across applications, environments and clouds, speeding application provisioning from weeks to minutes, while ensuring standardized environments and avoiding configuration drift.


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