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Improve Cloud Financial Management Control With CloudHealth Custom Line Items

CloudHealth is pleased to introduce Custom Line Items, an enhanced cloud financial management capability that allows users to manipulate costs directly in the CloudHealth platform to capture an accurate multi-cloud total cost of ownership.

As cloud offerings and capabilities continue to mature and users move towards a more self-service operating model, organizations are faced with an increased complexity for managing multi-cloud environments while maintaining cost visibility across their lines of business. 

Organizations worldwide are trying to overcome financial woes at the end of the month caused by dynamic growth spurts, billing scrutiny, unpredictable cloud spend, shadow IT, the inability to match costs against business KPIs, and more. These organizations might have fixed and/or variable costs (e.g., product development, infrastructure etc.) and thus, want to be able to insert and remove costs by way of writing line items “to the bill” to achieve proper chargeback and showback.

In addition, administrators want to be able to reconcile raw vs. manipulated cloud costs for their lines of business. Due to this challenge, many organizations are forced to create advanced excel spreadsheets to manipulate cost data.

Introducing CloudHealth Custom Line Items

Our teams have developed an enhanced cloud financial management capability within the CloudHealth platform to help organizations tackle these challenges and ambiguities, so they can capture an accurate multi-cloud total cost of ownership and have more time to focus on strategic business priorities.

Today, we’re pleased to introduce CloudHealth Custom Line Items! 

“This feature has been a game changer for me, it has made my reporting a lot easier and has improved the credibility of the reports for our users. It was so easy to make the adjustments and I can’t explain how happy I was to see the correct numbers once the custom line items were applied.”

Abi Bradley

Finance Business Partner, William Hill

How CloudHealth Custom Line Items work

The Custom Line Items feature provides an enriched user experience and API capability that allows users to manipulate costs directly in the CloudHealth platform to perform chargeback and showback. This includes the capability to add and maintain additional charges/credits with a one-time or recurring frequency as well as remove costs such as Tax, VAT, Support, etc. for better financial control.

custom line item rules

adding a new custom line item

removing a custom line item

Customers can view the manipulated and raw costs in our Cost History and Multi-Cloud Reports. This capability is very beneficial for FinOps practitioners, Financial Analysts, Business Unit Leaders, and C-suite members.

Next steps

To learn more about CloudHealth Custom Line Items, please feel free to reach out to our team directly. We’d be happy to walk you through the platform and answer any questions you may have. 

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