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Introducing LearnCodeStream

Just a short blog post today to introduce a project I’ve been working on – a new developer focussed resource for learning and sharing Code Stream – https://learncodestream.github.io.

You’ll find tutorials, tips and tricks, as well as links to relevant documentation and blog posts. It’s intended as a living document to help those developing Code Stream pipelines, and while some pages may be a little minimal right now we’ll be adding content as we go!

The site is built using Hugo and the content is written using Markdown. Each page has a link to it’s source in the GitHub repository, so if you spot something that’s incorrect, or you have something to add, feel free to jump in and edit the Markdown and issue a Pull Request! Or if you’d like to see something covered you can create an Issue and I’ll add it to the list of topics to cover!

Finally, let me know what you think – is this useful to you? You can catch me on Twitter (@sammcgeown) or via the comments section below.


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